Trump Suffering From ‘A Real Fast Food Problem, Spiraling Out Of Control,’ Claims Rogue White House Advisor

President Donald Trump’s love of fast food is an open secret – however, according to one purported West Wing insider, Trump’s fast food habit is allegedly getting out of control. In September 2016, Dr. Oz chided Trump for weighing 236 pounds and being 6-feet 3-inches tall, with Trump admitting he could drop 15 or 20 pounds, as reported by the Inquisitr. Trump allegedly doesn’t believe in getting much exercise beyond the golf course, so it’s not clear how Trump plans to drop the weight he desires.

According to CNN, President Trump’s favorite meal at McDonald’s on the campaign trail consisted of “two Big Macs, two Filet-o-Fish sandwiches, and a chocolate milkshake,” even though Trump skipped eating the bread. The notion of such a big fast food meal made nutritionists come out of the woodwork with criticism about the high amount of calories, sugar, fat, and sodium contained in such a meal, even without the buns.

Trump even published a photo of himself sitting in front of a meal of Kentucky Fried Chicken on a plane on August 1, 2016, as seen below. That viral photo caused folks to begin roasting Trump on Twitter for eating fried chicken with a fork and knife. However, a new report alleges that Trump’s fast food problem has spiraled out of control.

As seen in the below tweet published to the popular “Rogue WH Snr Advisor” Twitter account on Saturday, December 30, there has allegedly been an increase in fast food deliveries to the White House over the past few weeks. Presumably prior to Trump departing for his “Winter White House” that is Mar-a-Lago, the noted “piles” of pizza boxes and food containers that remain outside of the White House residence each morning represented an increased amount of eating.

Searching for “Trump fast food” on Twitter results in plenty of theories of why some people believe Trump is allegedly gorging on fast food – be it the belief that Trump is stress-eating due to Robert Mueller’s investigation or other rationales. The consensus seems to be that if Trump is indeed overeating in any form, it could have a negative impact on his health if he allows his fast food habit to get out of control.