Monica Lewinsky Reveals That You Can Now Get High With Her

Monica Lewinsky is branching out in an unexpected way. Although Lewinsky is most famous for her scandal with former President Bill Clinton, the 44-year-old is now entering the marijuana business — sort of. A marijuana manufacturer in Seattle, Washington just named a new weed strain after Lewinsky, meaning fans around the world can now get high with her.

Lewinsky Gets Her Weed

According to Page Six, the company Sugarleaf Farms officially named a new strain of weed, “Monica Lewinsky.” The product is on the market for a little over $100 for 14 grams and was created back in 2016.

While Lewinsky might appreciate being honored with her own strain of weed, she might not appreciate all the added attention. Some fans complimented Lewinsky on her looks after she tweeted about the weed, though a few couldn’t help throwing Bill Clinton’s name into the mix. That said, the CEO of Sugarleaf revealed that he would love to have Lewinsky visit the farm and see her strain of marijuana first hand.

“We’d be honored if Monica Lewinsky herself would like to stop by for a tour so we can show her all the hard work that goes into producing world-class cannabis and how far the industry has come,” Cody Anderlini explained. “I think that she has done an amazing job at utilizing her platform to help make a positive change in the world.”

Lewinsky Bashes HLN’s New Series

The marijuana strain isn’t the only thing on Lewinsky’s plate at the moment. According to Huffington Post, the former White House intern is also gearing up for the release of HLN’s new true crime documentary, How It Happened: The Monica Lewinsky Scandal.

Lewinsky, however, took issue with the title of the series and offered a few alternatives of her own, including The Starr Investigation — a reference to Ken Starr’s probe that eventually led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment — and The Clinton Impeachment. Lewinsky apparently did not appreciate how the original title placed more focus on her than Clinton’s actions, though it is unlikely that the network will make any last-minute changes.

Inside Lewinsky’s New Passion

Since 2014, Lewinsky has been very open about her affair with the former president and how the scandal led to years of public humiliation and cyberbullying. Lewinsky, who tours the country giving talks as a social activist, is also critical of how the media handled the scandal.

For the most part, fans backed up Lewinsky’s criticism of the new documentary and thought the media should finally give her a break after all of these years. After all, Lewinsky’s affair was only a small part of the bigger story.

Was The Media To Blame For Lewinsky’s Reputation?

When Lewinsky’s scandal first broke in 1998, media outlets painted her as a seductress who had consensual sex with the president. Lewinsky was only 22 years old at the time and Clinton didn’t help things by calling her “that woman” when he denied the affair. It’s been almost twenty years since the scandal made headlines and it’s about time that Lewinsky gets the chance to change the narrative that almost ruined her life.