‘The Bachelor’ Arie Luyendyk Jr ‘Is Disgusting’ Claims Former Co-Star And Friend Jef Holm

It’s safe to say the Jef Holm doesn’t hold a high opinion of Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk. In an interview back in September, Holm admitted that he thinks Luyendyk is a disgusting person and revealed that they are no longer friends. Is there any truth behind Holm’s claims?

Holm Slams Luyendyk On Twitter

According to Washington Post, Holm and Luyendyk were good friends when they appeared on The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard. Holm went on to win Maynard’s heart while Luyendyk came in second, so there may still be a lot of bad blood between the men. Even still, Holm made it sound like Luyendyk is pretty much the worst person to ever hand out roses on ABC’s hit dating competition.

“Oh, the stories I could tell,” Holm explained after ABC introduced Luyendyk as the next star of The Bachelor. “Let’s just say it would be really really really bad for him because he’s so disgusting.”

ABC Not Worried About Luyendyk’s Past

Holm unfortunately did not elaborate any further, so it’s difficult to tell what makes Luyendyk such a gross person. Despite the embarrassing confession, Bachelor producer Robert Mills believes that fans are genuinely excited to watch the former race car driver hand out roses this season.

Even when Mills reads negative reactions, he believes Luyendyk will help draw viewers to the upcoming season because he clearly has the ability to generate drama.

Luyendyk Gets Plenty Of Support From Bachelor Nation

While Luyendyk has received a mixed reaction from fans, Us Magazine reports that a few former contestants were thrilled with ABC’s choice this season. Ali Fedotowsky, who appeared on Season 6 of The Bachelorette, congratulated Luyendyk on Twitter, while Evan Bass, who finally found love in Bachelor in Paradise this year, said he thinks Luyendyk is sort of a throwback pick for the network.

Sean Lowe, Nick Viall and Rachel Lindsay also wished Luyendyk the best of luck as she tries to find love this season.

How did Luyendyk React To The Casting News?

For Luyendyk, he couldn’t believe that ABC finally picked him to star on the show and kept the exciting news under wraps until it was made official. Even his friends and family didn’t know what was going on until ABC made the announcement.

Now that the new season is finally here, however, Luyendyk can’t wait for everyone to see how things will unfold. Whether or not he finds true love, of course, is another matter.

Luyendyk Tries A Different Approach This Season

According to ABC News, Luyendyk went into the season with the mindset that chemistry isn’t everything. Instead, Luyendyk took a different approach and kept his options open, especially with contestants that he didn’t hit it off with right away. That said, Luyendyk was tasked with weeding through some 29 different women on his journey to find love, all of whom were trying their best to win his affection.

It isn’t known whether Luyendyk’s tactics paid off, but he did reveal that he was searching for somebody that is independent, knows how to laugh, and can carry on an intelligent conversation. For somebody who earned the moniker, “The Kissing Bandit,” those are some pretty high expectations.

Season 22 of The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 1, on ABC.