‘Southern Charm Savannah’ Is Returning For Season 2 On Bravo


Hints about a possible Southern Charm Savannah Season 2 have been hard to come by, and fans of the show have been less than optimistic that they would ever find out the answers to some of the burning questions from Southern Charm Savannah Season 1. Will break out star Ashley Borders divorce her husband Dennis? After the proposal faux pas, are Catherine Cooper and Lyle Mackenzie still together? And lastly, is Daniel Eichholz still in Savannah, or has he finally left town?

Southern Charm Savannah Season 1 Left Viewers With Many Questions

After the Southern Charm Savannah Season 1 finale, fans, and the press expressed the feeling that they were left hanging, demanding a Southern Charm Savannah reunion. It’s hard to remember a time when even a new Bravo show didn’t get a reunion, even if it was in Andy Cohen’s Bravo clubhouse on WWHL.

Twitter lit up with fans who said that they needed a reunion to figure out exactly what was going on in the Southern Charm Savannah series finale.

“That #SouthernCharmSavannah finale was underwhelming, to say the least…there better be a reunion!”

And even those haters who didn’t like the show felt like they needed some closure.

“As much as I detest #SouthernCharmSavannah, I need a reunion to find out about Cat, Lyle & her cheating.”

News Broke That Southern Charm Savannah Is Shooting Season 2

But while the cast of Southern Charm Savannah has been mostly mum and it’s been hard to get hints out of certain original Southern Charm cast members, confirmation that Southern Charm Savannah Season 2 was happening came out of a northern source with Cindy Adams and PageSix dishing the dirt.

Cindy Adams got the scoop because an old pal is now shooting with the cast of Southern Charm Savannah.

“Voice from Georgia: Bravo’s Southern Charm Savannah is now shooting there and resident Bobby Zarem, former p.r. for Elaine’s restaurant (her food never even had northern charm), is in it. If somehow you haven’t heard, it’s a reality series about the lives of Southern socialites.”

And for all of you fans of Real Housewives of New York, that’s Bobby Zarem with an “m” and not Bobby Zarin with an “n,” husband of former RHONY star Jill Zarin

What Role Will Bobby Zarem Have In Southern Charm Savannah Season 2?

If you haven’t heard of Bobby Zarem, he’s had quite a career in NYC, Hollywood, and of course, his hometown of Savannah, says South Magazine. In examining Southern Charm Savannah Season 1, the executive producers saw one thing that was missing from the original Southern Charm formula, and that was sage “southern” advice from Patricia Altschul, mother of one-time Southern Charm cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith. Bobby Zarem has the right stuff to be the anchor of Southern Charm Savannah.

Bobby Zarem was the brains behind the “I Love NY” campaign which still lives on today, and he was involved with the modern tale of Savannah, Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, which was made into a book and a movie.

There is no official word on what part Bobby Zarem will play in Southern Charm Savannah, and if he is part of the whole Southern Charm Savannah Season 2.