December 30, 2017
Psychics And Pundits Offer 2018 Predictions On Donald Trump, Approval Ratings, And Meghan Markle

As we inch closer to 2018, psychics and pundits are keeping the tradition of offering up predictions for the upcoming year. This year, psychics and pundits have 2018 predictions on everything from the World Series to the Donald Trump presidency. It also looks like not everybody is in consensus on the future of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and Donald Trump may not be the only one gearing up for a bumpy year according to 2018 predictions from psychics.

Toronto Sun reports that at least one 2017 prediction for Canada has rung true for some Canadians this year. Mike Strobel predicted that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's approval rating would sink "lower than a snake's belly" and that it "couldn't go lower." Without having data on how low a snake's belly can actually sink, whether or not that Wynne prediction rings true remains in the eye of the Canadian beholder.

National Post reports that in August 2017, Kathleen Wynne's approval rating was 15 percent, and that was an increase from 12 percent. In fact, her approval rating can sink lower, but not by much. The 2018 race for the next Ontario PM is cited as one of the top "2018 political races to watch" by CTV News.

Will a Liberal who nobody likes take the seat because of Canada's Liberal majority? Or will the opposition member Patrick Brown for the Tories take the spot?

Time will tell, but Canadians are conflicted on this one, noting it's a good time for the NDP party and Independents to gain some strength and momentum in a climate heavy with political angst. Whether or not Kathleen Wynne hurdles past 15 percent approval rating remains to be seen.

Toronto Sun also has global 2018 predictions, including that extreme weather caused by climate change will continue. They also predict they will be covering more mass shootings and more sexual assault scandals in the headlines.

Toronto Sun also predicts "bad business" with North Korea, though what specifically they think that business is remains unclear. Renowned psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker who predicted 9/11 and Brexit offers more detailed 2018 predictions on North Korea. He alleges that a world flu pandemic will occur and will be linked to a terror cell out of North Korea.

He also says that Kim Jong Un will be overthrown and disappear. World reports in the news will include that Kim Jong Un is missing, but will really be hiding in China, will be some claims predicts Hamilton-Parker on his blog.

For American politics, Toronto Sun reports that psychic Jeanne Mayell says President Donald Trump will experience a health crisis in 2018. Craig Hamilton-Parker says that there will be an impeachment attempt on Donald Trump, but that it will fail.

Toronto Sun notes that psychic Betsey Lewis uses numerology to make predictions, saying that because 2018 ends with the number eight. She claims that because this is the sign of the infinity symbol, and that constant radical change will be the marker of 2018. Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker agrees, predicting violence and upheaval will happen frequently.

Psychics across the board appear to concur that a global recession is in the pipeline. At least three psychics predict health will be the issue that takes Donald Trump out of office. Esquire reports that Donald Trump's recent New York Times interview is a "portrait of a man in cognitive decline."

Toronto Sun predicts that a royal pregnancy with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will occur before the end of the year. But renowned psychic Lindsay Edwards says her spirit guides have told her Meghan Markle and Prince Harry break up before the wedding this spring.

Lindsay Edwards also wrote on her blog that she believes Queen Elizabeth will retire this year and abdicate the throne to Prince Charles. Edwards claims the Queen will become very ill, saying the following.

"The Queen will become poorly in 2017 towards the back end of 2018 and she will struggle with ill health for some time – this is shown to be ongoing into 2019 and beyond. The Royal Wedding scheduled for May 19, 2018, will be cancelled a month or two before."
Edwards also says the Queen will have a fall early in 2018, and will also have ongoing issues with her legs. Edwards' 2018 predictions include not only a canceled wedding and breakup, but that Prince Harry will also meet the love of his life in 2018, and they will wed in three years time. Edwards predicts that William and Kate will be Prince Harry's rock during his breakup with Meghan Markle.


Meghan Markle just attended the royal Christmas this past holiday season, attending church on Christmas Day with the family on Sandringham Estate. This is an honor extended only to intimate family members, and a royal fiancé is typically not invited, but Meghan Markle was.

Even so, reports in Daily Mail headlines are that Meghan's father was hurt by a comment made by Prince Harry. Prince Harry allegedly stated that he was happy to have Meghan at Sandringham Estate on Christmas Day and that the Royals were "like the family she never had." Daily Mail reports that Meghan's father, who always celebrated Christmas with her, was hurt by that alleged remark.

Lindsay Edwards also has predictions on Donald Trump, saying he will be showing off just as much as he did in 2017. She alleges he will be making claims on having accomplished so much in so little time. As to his future in the presidency, Lindsay Edwards wrote the following.

"I don't see President Donald Trump completing 2018 as president, and I am given October time for his cut off."
She also says she sees health problems ahead for Donald Trump, but that he will be "putting on a brave face in public" and that the public will know very little about it. Lindsay Edwards also sees problems in Donald Trump's marriage, and claims she "sees rows" between Donald Trump and Melania, and that the rows are significant because they represent conflict in his marriage.

Lindsay Edwards also alleges that Melania Trump is going to have a hard time supporting Donald Trump "after finding out about it all." She does not clarify what she thinks Melania Trump will find out that will bother her enough to struggle in the marriage. Edwards also claims that Melania Trump does not like the public eye and struggles with "fake smiles."

Despite this, Edwards says the Trump marriage will last but will be conflicted.

CNN Contributors had a crystal ball report on 2018 predictions where they predicted everything from the Oscar-winning movie, to the World Series to Donald Trump.

CNN answers for the Oscar-winning movie ranged from The Post to Dunkirk and Wonder Woman. But CNN pundits mainly agree that they think the Yankees will win the World Series next year. Even CNN anchor Carol Costello who didn't want to say that out loud believes the Yankees will win. The majority also believes that the United States will win the most medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, starting February 9.

When asked about what they felt Donald Trump's approval rating would be in 2018, Carol Costello said it would "remain tethered to 32 percent." Opinion contributor for CNN Frida Ghitis says it will probably drop even lower to 25 percent.

When it came to politics, all but one CNN pundit out of 14 queried, believes that the Democrats will take the house in 2018. The majority of the same pundits also predicted in 2016 that Hillary Clinton would be president.

Hillary Clinton did not win the electoral college vote to become president in 2016, but she won the popular vote by 2,868,692 million votes according to the National Popular Vote Tracker. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won 48.2 percent of the vote and Donald Trump won 46.1 percent of the vote.

Donald Trump's approval rating as he finishes 2017 is 38 percent on Gallup's daily average. Donald Trump has boasted that he is finishing 2017 with the same approval rating as President Obama, but this is not accurate. CNN reports that on the same day in 2009 President Obama's approval rating was 51 percent.

Clairvoyant Craig Hamilton-Parker also adds in his 2018 predictions that "it won't be a good year for liars."