Study Says Gay People Are Better In Bed Compared To Straight People

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Gay men and women have always been ridiculed because of their chosen sexual orientation more so persecuted, harassed, and degraded. But while this has been the experience of most LGBT people, research has regarded them to be better at sex.

Following a study that concluded gay and lesbian couples are happier compared to straight couples, a new study found out that gay men and women are better at sex than straight people.

The research — which was done by David A. Frederick, Kate St. John, Justin R. Garcia, and Elisabeth A. Lloyd — analyzed more than 2,000 LGBTQ people and 50,000 heterosexual respondents across the United States.

The four researchers looked into the differences in orgasm frequency among gay, bisexual, and heterosexual men and women. The study suggested that same-sex partners are good at bringing their partners to the climax of their libido compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

While the researchers said that 95 percent of heterosexual men are most likely to say they always orgasmed during sex, gay men and bisexual men are not far from the number with 89 percent and 88 percent, respectively.

In addition to this, 86 percent of lesbian said they always orgasmed while having sex with their partner, as compared to just 66 percent on bisexual women and 65 percent on heterosexual women.

With the percentage above, it is likely to conclude that sex done between two men and two women could be better than sex done between opposite sexes.

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“What makes women orgasm is the focus of pretty intense speculation. Every month, dozens of magazines and online articles highlight different ways to help women achieve orgasm more easily. It is the focus of entire books. For many people, orgasm is an important part of sexual relationships.”

The research also found out that women will most likely orgasm if they receive more oral sex through cunnilingus, longer duration of sex, try new positions, and act out fantasies and even do it during love making.

Per the report, women are also more likely to orgasm if they had a good sexual encounter in the past which include torrid kissing and foreplay, as well as vaginal intercourse.

“Women have higher body dissatisfaction than men and it interferes with their sex life more. This can impact sexual satisfaction and ability to orgasm if people are focusing more on these concerns than on the sexual experience.”

Meanwhile, although bisexual men have been reportedly to orgasm 88 percent of the time during sex, bisexual women are not as fortunate as them. The study revealed that bisexual women orgasm less often compared to other members of the LGBTQ at 66 percent. Previous study also showed that bisexual people have the lowest life satisfaction among the LGBTQ group. They, too, feel less worthwhile and happy, and likely to experience anxiety attacks.