December 30, 2017
Meghan Markle Faces Huge Obstacles In Wedding Prince Harry: Why Kate Middleton Shouldn't Be Mentor [Rumor]

Meghan Markle has months to cope with the challenges in planning her royal wedding to Prince Harry, but life after the wedding holds even bigger obstacles. Meghan's future sister-in-law Kate Middleton seems like the obvious choice to help Markle navigate those roadblocks to become a member of the royal family. But for a variety of reasons, Kate isn't the one chosen by royal observers for the unofficial role of Meghan's role model and mentor.

Meghan Markle's Royal Road Blocks

The Telegraph pointed out that Markle has soared in popularity and shown her willingness to accept what's involved in joining the royal family. But she still needs help for what lies ahead when she ties the knot with Prince Harry in May.
"[Meghan Markle] is set for a daunting transition. When she marries Prince Harry, Meghan will be trading an acting career and a life of relative freedom for one of public duty, reserve and near-ceaseless waving."
Meghan must become aware that all eyes are upon her every time that she steps out in public. And beyond the public pressure of behaving properly after she becomes a member of the royal family, Markle must deal with the rules about her relatives. The guidelines about when she should curtsy to her in-laws, for example, and which other members of the royal family require that show of respect are among the challenges that she faces.

Kate Middleton Viewed As Newcomer Not Favored By Queen

While outsiders may see Kate as a familiar face in royal family pictures, those within the family still view her as more of an outsider. Middleton's newcomer status is a key reason why Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is seen as a better mentor and role model for Meghan.

Sophie tied the knot with Prince Edward in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle in 1999. That location is where Meghan and Harry will wed as well. Moreover, in contrast to Kate, Sophie has become known as one of the queen's favorites. The Countess even rode along with the queen after the Christmas Eve carol service, which is a special honor.

Meghan Markle faces challenges before and after marrying Prince Harry.
Meghan Markle faces challenges before and after marrying Prince Harry.

It's clear that Sophie has learned how to become a favorite of the queen. Adding to the strikes against her, Kate has not yet learned that lesson, pointed out royal biographer Robert Jobson. Sophie's impressive track record in going from an outsider to an honored member of the royal family makes her a better mentor and role model for Meghan, according to Jobson.

"As an aunt-type figure, there is nobody better to quietly guide Meghan in how it all works than Sophie."
Moreover, the queen has made it clear that she prefers Sophie to Kate. Jobson described the countess as "very much the queen's favorite." When family gatherings take place, Sophie and her husband frequently stay longer than the other members of the royal family.

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle Feud Rumors Continue

Beyond Sophie's success in becoming the queen's favorite and years of experience as a member of the royal family, the Countess hasn't sparked the same rumors of a feud as Kate Middleton. The feud allegations began over the shift in the spotlight from Kate's third pregnancy to Prince Harry's romance with Meghan, pointed out the Hollywood Gossip.
Jealousy has become one of the repeated rumors about how Middleton feels toward Markle. Those feud rumors soared, even more, when fans learned about Kate's plans for Meghan's wedding party.
"Whether Kate actually resents her or not, the fact that Kate won't be in Meghan and Harry's wedding party is raising some eyebrows. It's not difficult to imagine Kate feeling jealous of this new, younger woman."
Christmas was thought to give Meghan and Kate the opportunity to bond, with the queen even breaking the rules to invite Markle to join the royal family prior to marrying Prince Harry. But instead, Meghan's presence at the royal family Christmas celebration may have fueled her feud with Middleton, as reported by the Inquisitr. Markle stole the spotlight for everything from her sassy hat to her decision to stick out her tongue in a playful gesture, earning the nickname "Princess Cheeky."