Roseanne Barr Goes On Twitter Tirade, Deletes Confusing Tweets About Retirement

Roseanne Barr has made no secret about her support for Donald Trump. She has been on the receiving end of some major backlash from followers on social media because of her opinions. With the recent news of the Roseanne revival, Barr has been making headlines. Social media has been her outlet of choice, especially since the 2016 election.

Earlier today, Roseanne Barr went on a Twitter tirade. All of her tweets have since been deleted, but it was bizarre. Barr mentioned retiring and not working anymore. After that, she went on to complain about the “leftist” and playing a game. It is unclear whether or not she was talking about retiring from acting or social media at this point. According to Us Weekly, Roseanne Barr has fans confused about her future as well. When asked what the actress and comedienne meant by what she tweeted, the tirade was wiped from her timeline.

Right now, there isn’t much to see on Roseanne Barr’s Twitter account. She has been battling with followers who are protesting the Roseanne revival due to her political affiliation. In fact, there is a whole movement on Twitter to boycott the show. Barr has been known to retweet the haters, and she will engage with them for a round or two of sparring. Now, it seems like she has stopped doing so, and her mysterious rant appears to have disappeared.

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There is no telling where this will lead Roseanne Barr. Us Weekly reached out to her rep for comment on the tirade, but as of now, there has been no official comment. Unfortunately, this may change the way ABC handles the reboot. Barr has always been known for being outspoken, but when it comes to Donald Trump, there is no filter. She has been called a “true patriot” by her fans. Roseanne isn’t going to let things die down quietly, not after all of the chaos she has caused on the social media network.

One of the most interesting parts of Roseanne Barr’s tirade was the reference to being harassed by followers who supported Hillary Rodham Clinton over Donald Trump. She has made it clear that this is a liberal’s fault, and she will not be playing the game with them. At this point, no one is sure what Roseanne Barr truly meant with her words, but hopefully, she will clarify her intentions in the very near future.