Boston Red Sox Trade Rumors: Manny Machado Negotiations With Baltimore Orioles

Brian BlancoGetty Images

Boston Red Sox trade rumors link the team to Manny Machado of the Baltimore Orioles. Trade negotiations are reportedly taking place between the Red Sox and Orioles, with the intent of the Fenway Park folks to get a deal done before the 2018 MLB season begins. A report by MLB analyst Jon Morosi was just shown on MLB Network, where he discussed how badly the Red Sox would like to land one of the best infielders in baseball.

The unknown factor here is whether the Orioles will actually deal with a division rival. Morosi would address that later in another post he made to Twitter, stating that, “Dave Dombrowski and Dan Duquette worked together in the Montreal Expos’ front office 30 years ago. It means they are familiar working together and that could make it easier for them to negotiate the two sides of this potential trade.”

There have been a number of MLB trade rumors about the Baltimore Orioles looking to possibly deal Manny Machado before he walks away in free agency. These new Boston Red Sox trade rumors make sense, as the franchise wants to keep pace with the New York Yankees in the race to improve this offseason. The Yankees recently acquired Giancarlo Stanton from the Miami Marlins and may have one of the best offenses in baseball now.

The cost to acquire someone like Machado would be very steep for the Red Sox. The team would likely have to give up significant prospects in addition to someone currently on the Major League roster. It would also be a risky endeavor because Machado only has one more year of team control before he can test free agency. If Machado is willing to sign a contract extension with the Red Sox, though, a deal might be easier for the front office to accept.

Machado has played six seasons for the Baltimore Orioles, posting 162-game averages of 29 home runs, 37 doubles, 86 RBIs, a 0.279 batting average, and a 0.328 on-base percentage. Machado is also routinely called one of the best fielding third basemen in the game, but he reportedly wants to go back to being a full-time shortstop in the future. At just 25 years old, he has a lot of years left in Major League Baseball. On the surface, these Boston Red Sox trade rumors seem to be unlikely to lead to action, but stranger things have already happened this offseason.