Famed Shipwreck Could Actually Be Two Ships

A famed shipwreck off the coast of the Greek Island of Antikythera may actually be two ships.

According to Discovery News, several artifacts have been pulled from the Antikythera wreck which was discovered in the 1900s. Researchers now believe that the multitude of artifacts found near the wreck may be due to the fact that there are actually two ships at the site.

Brendan Foley, an archaeologist at Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution, presented the findings at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America in Seattle earlier this week.

Foley said:

“Because the site has been so intruded upon for more than a century it gets really hard to disambiguate what’s myth and what’s fact… Either way, it’s an exciting result.”

The most famous artifact pulled from the site is a complex device made of bronze that calculates astronomical positions. In addition to the Antikythera mechanism, several statues, jars and figurines have been discovered on the ship.

Live Science reports that the famous ancient Greek shipwreck is difficult to reach with standard scuba gear and remotely operated submersibles. The shipwreck sits on a steep cliff and hasn’t been explored in depth since Jacques Costeau led an expedition in 1976.

Foley and his team reviewed Costeau’s footage and then went on an expedition of their own. Using technical scuba gear and personal propulsion vehicles, the team reached the famed Antikythera wreck. Well, they might have. After reviewing the data Foley believes that they may have been about 1000 feet away from the famed wreck.

Foley isn’t positive if there is one ship or two at the bottom of the sea but he is sure about one thing: There are plenty of artifacts still at the site.

Foley said:

“What else could be down there? Are there more pieces of the known Antikythera mechanism? Is there another mechanism down there?”

Here’s a video about the Antikythera mechanism.