Matt Lauer Spotted With ‘Mystery Woman’ After Wife Annette Roque Meets With Lawyer, Takes Off Wedding Ring

Matt Lauer may be trying to save his marriage with Annette Roque, but over the weekend the embattled Today show star was spotted taking a “mystery woman” to the train station.

But reports indicate that the situation may not be as scandalous as some are making it out to be.

Lauer’s marriage has reportedly been on the rocks since his abrupt firing from the NBC morning show over allegations that he acted in a sexually inappropriate manner with a work colleague. Since then, there have been reports of improper conduct from other women including former intern Addie Collins Zinone, who claimed that she and Lauer carried on a month-long affair after he got married to Roque.

This weekend brought some intrigue, as celebrity news outlets noted that Lauer was spotted with another woman. Hollywood Life called her a “mystery woman,” though later in the report noted that it appeared she was a family friend. Lauer was seen dropping the woman off at a train station on December 28, carrying her bags to the platform.

Some of the less breathless reports have identified her simply as a “house guest,” as the Daily Mail did in its report this week. In any event, there is no evidence that Lauer has any romantic relationship with the woman, as some reports indicated.

All reports have indicated that Matt Lauer is doing whatever he can to save his marriage to Roque. She has reportedly taken off her wedding ring, but they are still spending time together with their children.

There may be some signs that Matt Lauer is headed for a divorce. A report from Radar Online noted that she was seen visiting a Manhattan lawyer’s office in the week before Christmas, and is expected to challenge the couple’s pre-nuptial agreement. Roque had actually filed for divorce before, filing papers in 2006 claiming that she had suffered “mental abuse” at Lauer’s hands. But she eventually called it off, with Radar Online reporting that Lauer offered her a post-nuptial agreement in exchange that would guarantee her millions of dollars in the event that the couple split up.

Whatever may be happening with the apparently troubled marriage, neither Matt Lauer nor Annette Roque are saying anything about it. Both have remained out of the public eye after his Today show scandal broke, and Lauer has not addressed the rumors about a possible divorce.