Kendall Jenner Calls Herself A 'Loner' As She Shows Off Tiny Waist In Latest Post

Kendall Jenner doesn't seem too thrilled this holiday season.

The 22-year-old model took to Instagram on Friday to share a bathroom selfie. In the image, Jenner flaunts her slim figure in a black and white polka dot dress.

While Kendall looks stunning in the simple shot, her facial expression appears glum as she captioned the post "loner life."

Jenner gives no explanation to her caption as fans took to commenting on the Instagram post.

Most commenters told Kendall she's gorgeous, as one person stated she's "glowing like the wall behind her."

However, some Instagram users pointed out her caption as they asked if they could be loners together with the model.

"Can we be loners together then?"
Kendall's most recent bathroom selfie received almost 1 million likes in just under an hour, however, proving the young model has a dedicated fan base despite her feeling like a "loner."

Jenner is known for her dislike of constantly being away from family as she works all around the world, and perhaps her job is getting the best of her as she appears downcast in her latest post.

In fact, the Daily Mail once reported Kendall feels "forgotten" by her sisters as they hang out without her while she works.

Still, commenters told Jenner she has plenty of money to surround herself with as if her finances should keep her happy.

"At least you have money to keep you happy..."
Some fans even suggested Kendall is showing a baby bump in the photo as her dress gives the impression she's pregnant.

Several commenters questioned if Jenner is also expecting a baby as sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian prepare to expand their families in the new year.

"Is she pregnant too?"
However, there has been no word on Kendall being pregnant as she's been romantically linked to NBA star Blake Griffin recently.

Fans went on to state they believe it's unlikely Jenner is expecting a baby despite some Instagram users spotting a potential baby bump.

"I thought the same thing lol but it's highly unlikely."
It's more likely Kendall enjoyed her holiday festivities with family as she attended mom Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Eve party and will lose the "bump" as soon as she gets back in her normal routine.

Fans may also expect a more thrilling pregnancy announcement from a Kardashian-Jenner sister than a bathroom selfie as well.