Meghan Markle’s Bond Girl ’25’ Prospect Too-Far Fetched For Some Online, Including ‘Gossip Cop’

When the producers of the newest James Bond “25” movie narrowed down their pick to five possible Bond girls, Meghan Markle was one of the five women being considered for that role, according to reports. Would Meghan have made it through to the final pick?

What Meghan’s fate would have been if she had picked that fork in the road that led to Hollywood is unknown. The roadblock went up when the royal romance was made public, even before Meghan said “yes” to the question Prince Harry popped. It reportedly became clear to the 007 producers that Meghan was out of the running for that gig — or did it?

Reports today indicate that it was clear Meghan picked the road that led to Kensington Palace, which took her out of the running as a Bond girl. That list of five women boiled down to four girls “the minute her relationship to Harry came to light,” according to Fox News.

According to the Sun, the producers set out to find an actress who was American or Canadian and who was also considered a rising star. The other piece was the actress would need to be “glamorous.” It appears Meghan Markle fit the criteria for the Bond 25 movie, as she was allegedly eyed as a possibility. However, people online are second guessing this report.

The Daily Mail also reported on the Bond gig and how Meghan would no longer be considered due to her romance with the prince, but many readers were not buying it. Meghan Markle just didn’t seem to fit as the Bond girl type to many, and it sounds as if they may have been correct in their thinking.

Some comments on the Daily Mail ranged from mild to rather harsh.

“Lmao thanks for that, the best laugh I’ve had this week. This woman has had one decent role obtained presumably by her ex-producer husband.”

“Come on, she has one acting job! Yes, it ran for years but she basically played herself – snooty and self-satisfied.”

“Complete BS. She was on the show for 7 seasons and hadn’t amounted to anything beyond a second-rate cable show, and suddenly they’re looking at her as Bond girl? Right. Ms. Media Meg Sparkles is at it again with her PR machine trying to make herself look better than she really is!”

Many of the comments, like the ones below, suggested this is just a PR attempt to get people to like Meghan Markle and to show all that she is giving up to become Prince Harry’s wife.

“It’s her PR trying to convince us that she is a star (whatever that is ) instead of the Z lister she is.”

“They can claim she had been shortlisted for all sorts of great roles now that she is conveniently unavailable. Pure PR.”

While there were people who offered up their thoughts defending Meghan and saying she definitely has what it takes to be a Bond girl, many of the comments from people who read the report on the Daily Mail seemed to question why she would be considered.

Another camp on the subject seemed to bubble up on Twitter. These were the people who saw Meghan Markle as someone special for throwing away her career for Prince Harry.

Gossip Cop, the site famous for finding out the truth and debunking false claims, has released an “exclusive” report on the claims that Meghan Markle was in the running as a Bond girl. They are reporting today that after looking into the claims, they can say that Meghan being considered as a Bond girl is not true.

According to Gossip Cop, it was reported less than two months ago that there was still no script for that 25th Bond movie and the casting part of the process usually does not take place until the foundation of a script is present. Gossip Cop ends their report on this note.

“It’s illogical that the studio would be in the casting process in late 2016, which is when Markle started dating Prince Harry. Regardless, Gossip Cop can confirm that the future princess wasn’t almost a future Bond Girl.”

It looks like some of the people commenting on the Meghan Markle possible Bond girl news saw right through this false report. It seems the instincts of the folks who wouldn’t buy it, may have been right on target!