Fans Can’t Get Over How Handsome Dog And Beth’s Grandson Dakota Chapman Looks In New Photo

Teresa KroegerGetty Images

Duane “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman’s grandson, Dakota Chapman, has shared a new selfie on Instagram, and loyal fans of the family can’t stop complimenting the youngster. The 22-year-old bail agent shared the photo while on the job yesterday, and while some wished him a safe and productive day, other’s just wanted to dote on him.

The Chapman family is full of bail agents, with Dakota being one of the many. Dog, Beth, Cecily Chapman, Garry Chapman, and Dakota have been hard at work in Hawaii as 2017 comes to a close.

As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Beth announced she was heading back to work as she posted a selfie in her bail agent gear. Cecily also posted an artistic photo of just her families feet on her personal Instagram page, which also featured Beth’s daughter, Bonnie Jo Chapman. Dakota shared several photos from over the holidays, including a Snapchat screenshot with Bonnie and posing in front of a Christmas tree with Grandpa Dog and Aunt Cecily.

Many fans complimented Dakota for following in his family’s footsteps while others noted how similar he looked to his father, Leland Chapman. Leland currently resides on the mainland with his wife, Jamie Chapman. Leland also still serves as a bail agent in Alabama.

Most prevalent in the comment section of the new selfie was the word “handsome,” as fans repeatedly complimented Dakota. Several heart-eyed emojis were featured along compliments as well, while some noted Beth and Dog’s grandson had a “kind-heart.”

Several weeks ago, Beth adored her grandson on her own Instagram page with a photo of Dakota carrying her purse while they were out shopping together. She called him “the best grandson of all time” and hashtagged the photo with “#goodboy.” Fans noted Dakota’s good looks in this photo as well, while many applauded him for being such a wonderful grandson.

“Time flies” was a sentiment found in both comment sections as fans noted how grown up Dakota was looking these days. Dakota’s hair was also a topic of discussion, as his long dark locks are something to be admired!

Fans are hoping to see more of Dakota and his notorious bounty hunting family, as many are taking to social media to demand a new reality show featuring the Chapmans. There has been no word from A&E, despite Beth hashtagging them in almost every social media post she puts online.