Beyonce, Jay-Z ‘Family Feud’ Video: Watch TIDAL Video At 4:44 P.M. On December 29 – Find Link Without TIDAL

Beyonce and Jay-Z have fans in a tizzy with their new “Family Feud” video, with the 34-second preview already gaining thousands of views online. As such, fans are asking all sorts of questions on social media about how to watch “Family Feud” and what time exactly the video will drop on Friday, December 29. Folks also want to know how to watch “Family Feud” without paying for Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming service.

According to BET, fans can watch Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new video at 4:44 p.m., which harkens back to the couple’s favorite number and the title of Jay’s album. As seen in the below video, Jay and Beyonce make their way around a church, with Jay holding Blue Ivy’s hand as he walks his daughter down the aisle in the place of worship, as if previewing Blue’s future wedding date. Beyonce, meanwhile, is dressed like a sexy bishop with long, tall, dark blue or black headgear reminiscent of the holy gear worn by holy men.

A couple is seen kissing passionately in one scene of the “Family Feud” video, but viewers will note that the woman with long hair isn’t Beyonce. The man she pushes down on the floor after the kiss isn’t Jay-Z.

Folks who don’t have TIDAL will likely be able to watch the full “Family Feud” video by signing up for a free trial of TIDAL without needing a credit card to do so.

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Those who don’t want to sign up for TIDAL might find favor by perusing the Twitter video tab’s search results for “Family Feud,” which is already filling with copies of the above video snippet released by Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Jay-Z’s VEVO YouTube channel might also provide the “Family Feud” video in time, although social media users will likely download the TIDAL video first and re-upload it to Twitter and Instagram prior to that happening.

As reported by Bustle, if Jay premieres the “Family Feud” video exclusively on TIDAL, it could represent a positive move for the mogul, who calls himself not just a “businessman” but a “business, man.”