Cher Is Reportedly On Her Deathbed, Concerned Friends Fear Her Health Is In A ‘Downward Spiral’

Cher may never get over the death of her ex-husband, Gregg Allman. The iconic singer is reportedly facing a massive health crisis that has landed her at death’s door, and it all started after Allman tragically died earlier this year. With Cher’s health quickly deteriorating, her pals are worried that this might be the end.

Cher Can’t Get Over Allman’s Death

An inside source told Radar Online that Allman’s death devastated Cher, and her grief has completely consumed her. Coupled with Cher’s packed music schedule in Las Vegas, her close friends are worried that she’s pushing herself too hard.

Cher recently opened up about Allman’s death in a series of tweets. On what was going to be Allman’s 70th birthday, Cher admitted that she could not listen to music without breaking down and crying. Allman’s final album was released this past September, a good four months after he passed away.

Inside Cher’s Troubled Marriage

According to Country Living, Allman and Cher’s marriage was cut short because of his womanizing and drugs use. Although Allman had a lot of shortcomings, Cher loved him, even after they parted ways.

In 2010, Cher thought the worst was over when Allman survived liver cancer via a transplant. She had no idea the disease would return a few years later and ultimately take his life. For his part, Allman was very quiet about his battle with cancer, and Cher didn’t find out about it until late last year. By that time, it was already too late.


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Is Cher Really On Her Deathbed?

Between the grief and Cher’s busy schedule, her friends are worried about the music icon’s health, especially after her life-threatening bout with Epstein-Barr virus a few years ago. In fact, the insider revealed that Cher has been going through special treatments in Germany to help prevent the virus from returning.

Her friends, however, are worried that it’s too late. To add more stress to the situation, Cher is constantly worrying about her son, Elijah Blue, who is reportedly on the verge of another major drug relapse.

“She’s undergone cutting-edge treatments in Germany in a desperate bid to stop the virus that’s left her bedridden for months, fighting for life,” the insider claims. “But experts say high stress can trigger the virus — and at 71, we fear the worst for Cher.”

Cher Plans On Headlining Huge Mardi Gras Event

While it sounds like Cher is facing a major health crisis, Daily Mail reports that she is getting ready to lead the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras party in Sydney in 2018. Nothing official has been announced, but sources revealed that party planners are in negotiations with Cher to headline what will be one of the largest parties next year.

Cher even tweeted a cryptic message about the event, teasing fans about where she might be going March. Cher also recently confirmed that a musical is in the works that will tell her life story. It is expected to open on Broadway sometime next year.

Cher has not commented on the deathbed rumors, but she is clearly still booking events and hasn’t slowed down a step.