‘Southern Charm’ Stars Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis Are Reportedly Back Together After Their Nasty Split

The relationship between Southern Charm stars Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis has been a rollercoaster ride ever since the show’s first season. And, even though the couple split last year, fans couldn’t deny the chemistry that was still between them in the most recent reunion show. In fact, it was so strong that the former couple couldn’t help but share an intimate moment after the special ended. Is it possible that the two are back together?

Ravenel and Dennis Have Been On-And-Off For Years

According to Bravo’s Daily Dish, Dennis admitted on an episode of the podcast Be Here For A While with Rachael O’Brien that she and Ravenel hooked up after the season four reunion.

“I have never told anyone this, but after this year’s reunion or whatever, you know how in the past we’ve hooked up afterward? That happened this year, and this is the first time I’m saying it,” she revealed.

She went on to say that if the two ever got back together, it would take a lot of work, and she doesn’t know if Ravenel could ever make a commitment because he has had never had to be accountable.

Their Entire Relationship Has Been Documented On Southern Charm

Dennis, 25, and Ravenel, 55, began dating during Southern Charm’s first season and had two kids together – Kensington, three, and St. Julien, two – before they split in 2016. However, even though the two did hook up after the most recent reunion, they are not back together.

Per Page Six, Ravenel is currently in a relationship with Ashley Jacobs, a 32-year-old nurse from California and Dennis has been working at Gwynn’s department store in the Charleston tri-county area.

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Ravenel and Dennis went through a bitter custody battle, with the court eventually awarding Ravenel full custody while Dennis received increased visitation if she maintained her sobriety. After Season 3, she went to a rehab facility.

Now, her storyline focuses on her freelance job at Gwynn’s, with owner Marshall Simon revealing that she’s been working at the luxury department store for a few weeks and Bravo film crews have been there several times.

Could They Ever Marry?

Ravenel says that he doesn’t think he could ever marry Dennis because their age difference is just too great. He said things may be great now, but what will it be like in 15 years? How much Viagra will I have to buy? But, he said there is still definitely something between them.

He went on to say that the two are in a good place, and an insider recently added that the two have been very friendly during the last three months of filming, despite Ravenel showing off Jacobs on his social media accounts.

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are reportedly staying friendly because of the kids and they are working hard at successfully co-parenting together.

Southern Charm returns for Season 5 in 2018.