Julianne Hough Speaks Out About Being Given A Hard Time About Weight Even When Small

Julianne Hough of Dancing With the Stars is speaking out and talking about how she has been given a hard time about her weight over the years. The singer and dancer looks amazing, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t shame her just like everyone else. Us Weekly shared what Julianne Hough had to say about it all.

Since she was a teenager, Julianne Hough has had a few problems learning how to be self-confident. Hough is featured in Redbook’s February issue and she talks about how her confidence ended up changing in middle school. Julianne admits that she did a film and was given a hard time during it being told that she was fat constantly. Julianne even admits she was at the smallest she had ever been in her life at that time.

She just took on a new role and this one causes her to have a bit of a different body shape. Julianne will be playing the role of ’50s pin-up girl and trainer Betty Weider in Bigger. She had to work to get her backside and breasts a bit larger to have more of an hourglass figure and she seems okay with that right now.

Her husband, Brooks, has helped her through all of this, too. Julianne says that he told her she never liked her pictures and she is working on that. She tries to find the positive in it. Her husband is a very healthy person and the way he eats has helped her to do it more herself. It is a lot easier when the other person in your house eats healthy as well.

Hollywood Reporter shared that you will be able to see more of Julianne Hough in Redbook in January. This is where she talks all about being self-confident and the issues she went through being called fat in her past.

Julianne Hough has moved on from Dancing With the Stars, but she could return to the show for a guest appearance. Hopefully, speaking out about being body shamed will make people quit giving her a hard time. Fans can’t wait to see Julianne in her new movie Bigger when it comes out.