Rosie O’Donnell Continues To Flaunt Girlfriend As Political Feud Ensues On Social Media

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Both the good and the bad continue to show their faces on Rosie O’Donnell’s popular Instagram page.

As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Rosie O’Donnell made her way into the spotlight once again after calling Paul Ryan a “fake altar boy.” That was, of course, just before the 55-year-old said that Ryan was going “straight to hell” on her Twitter page. Over the last few weeks, the outspoken comedienne has continued to call out President Trump on his newest tax plan before calling out other Republicans, like Paul Ryan, and causing a stir among her followers.

The political feud then spilled over to Rosie’s Instagram page, even though the photos didn’t have anything to do with Paul Ryan or Donald Trump. While some fans stood behind O’Donnell and her views, others made it clear that they were against O’Donnell for being so outspoken and negative. When O’Donnell posted a photo of her youngest daughter, Dakota, on Christmas Eve, many fans and foes of the star got in a fight in the comments section of the post.

“Donald is your president. DEAL. WITH. IT.”

“For all the haters, get a life. Really please bash others on their on page,” another of Rosie’s followers suggested.

Countless other comments asked O’Donnell to “seek help” or to give her “children away” as many referred to her as “unstable.” But if there’s one person who is in Rosie’s corner following all of the social media backlash, it has to be the newest star of her Instagram page, her girlfriend.

#christmas #vacation #noU

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Late last week, O’Donnell posted a photo of her daughter, Dakota, and girlfriend, Rooney, at the airport. Rosie did not say where the group was traveling to, but in a post on Instagram today, she used the hashtag #vacation.

O’Donnell’s latest post shows Dakota and Rooney cruising along on a Sea Ray boat. Dakota is wrapped up in a towel as she sits on top of Rooney’s lap and looks off into the distance. Rooney kept it casual in a pair of black pants and a blue T-shirt along with a pair of aviators.

As the Daily Mail reports, the pair originally met earlier this year at a charity event. The blonde is a 33-year-old cop in the Boston area. Since they began dating, Rooney has made regular appearances on O’Donnell’s Instagram page.

The week before Christmas, Rosie posted a picture of Rooney taking a selfie with the simple caption, “this one” before using a heart emoji.

While things in her political world may be rocked at the moment, one thing is for sure; her new relationship is still sizzling.