Pregnant Kylie Jenner Bittersweet, Wants More From Travis Scott As Tristan Thompson Dotes On Khloe Kardashian

For a reportedly pregnant Kylie Jenner, watching her pregnant big sis Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson together is a "bittersweet" experience. Kylie is trying to be patient with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, while she waits for him to make time for her in his busy schedule on the road, but the wait has been tough for her. Hollywood Life shared that Kylie's lonely pregnancy got even lonelier for her when she saw how amazing Tristan is for Khloe.

There are so many signs of the kind of "tight bond" between Kardashian and Thompson during Kardashian's pregnancy that Kylie Jenner's relationship with Travis Scott doesn't appear to have.

For Kylie, watching her pregnant sister getting loved up by her devoted boyfriend is painful since she's been on her own so much and Travis is away.

A source told the outlet that Kylie is having a hard time dealing with feelings of jealousy towards Khloe.

It's not that Kylie doesn't want Khloe to finally find some happiness with her super-attentive boyfriend. It's just that watching Khloe and Tristan "become a stronger couple" while she's on her own so much coping with her secret first pregnancy makes everything harder.

"Deep down, she can't help but compare it to her own relationship with Travis," the Jenner insider said.

Kardashian fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of Kylie Jenner's first pregnancy.
Kylie Jenner has been out of the spotlight and off social media for several weeks.

Tristan is so excited he's bursting with pride over Khloe's pregnancy and isn't afraid to say so on social media, but Kylie and Travis Scott are keeping quiet about their pregnancy plans.

"She's sad Travis is not putting forth the same effort as Tristan. The whole situation has been hard for Kylie to endure."
Jenner, who according to the Sun, still hasn't confirmed the news of her first pregnancy, only got to see Scott on Christmas Eve for a few hours. The brief rendez-vous must have lifted her spirits at least a little bit since she later snapped some smiling selfies with Khloe.

But fans who are eagerly awaiting an updated view of Kylie's growing baby bump were disappointed. Khloe happily showed off her baby bump in a sexy silver dress, but Kylie kept all the pics above the belly.

The Mirror reminded fans that Kylie has been staying off social media, and that the lipstick maven has been absent from family pics, including the famous Kardashian family Christmas photo. Even her sister Kim Kardashian's photos of the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan don't once show the youngest family member.

Kylie has become almost as reclusive as the notoriously private Rob Kardashian, and that secrecy is feeding the rumors that Kylie is jealous of Khloe.

Some fans worry that Jenner is having such a difficult time dealing with her loneliness and feelings of neglect as she watches the awesome support that Tristan gives Khloe that she doesn't want to go public with her own pregnancy.

"The whole situation has been hard for Kylie to endure," the source said.

Others insist that the lack of an announcement about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy is entirely because momager Kris Jenner wants more money before she'll break the baby news. Twitter celebrity news tweeter Fameolous replied in a thread about Jenner's pregnancy that "unless Kris can get the money she wants for the announcement we won't see Kylie baby bump."

With a rumored due date of February 4, everyone is beginning to wonder if the young mom is going to announce the baby news at all!