Deborah Miller Switzen: Who Is Dan Switzen’s Wife? See Her Facebook, Instagram Photos With Husband

Dan Switzen is going viral on Thursday, December 28 as news about Switzen’s arrest breaks. As reported by the Inquisitr, Dan’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages have disappeared in the wake of the CNBC director being arrested for allegedly hiding a spy camera inside a tissue box in his bathroom that was found by his 18-year-old live-in nanny and her two 18-year-old friends on November 13.

As reported by Heavy, Dan and his wife, Deborah Switzen, often promoted Switzen’s “Get Fit with Dan” fitness business. Deborah reportedly joined in with her husband’s fitness journey after his wife asked him why he was performing Insanity workouts with a colleague and not his own wife. Dan praised fitness as a way to enhance his relationship with his wife.

“I started this journey after a co-worker said to me, ‘Dan we are going to start doing Insanity.’ After 3 days of doing Insanity together, my wife Deborah asked me why I was doing Insanity with a co-worker and not her. Both my wife and I need someone to motivate us to work out. We agreed that we would do it together and push each other. We finished Insanity and were both very happy with the results. We also liked the time we spend together exercising so we started another program Chelean Extreme. We are now on our 5th Beachbody program. Having my wife as my work out partner has been a great inspiration. Seeing her work hard and getting results makes me work harder. We push and encourage each other which definitely gets us through the work outs. Working out should be fun and not a chore. By working out together we have enhanced our relationship.”

Although Dan’s social media accounts have disappeared (only still visible through Google’s cache and screenshots at the moment), his wife Deborah’s Facebook page and Instagram account are still live, with photos of Dan and Deborah appearing online. Update: Deborah’s social media pages have been deleted or made private.

One photo from January 15, 2015, on Deborah’s TwinFit13 Instagram account shows Dan and his wife after a workout wherein they write about maxing out “at 12:48” on their “sweat intervals.”

Deborah’s Facebook page also displays photos of her and her husband with their two children.

According to Deborah’s LinkedIn page, Switzen works as a corporate finance director, with the United Division Breakthru Beverage Group in the New York area, and attended the University of Miami. She has more than 500 connections on the site and has worked with the beverage company for two years, since January 2016.

Deborah last updated her Instagram account on March 21, 2016, with posts prior to that day showing Dan appearing in workout videos. Switzen tagged her husband’s Instagram account @getfitwithdan in some of her posts, but his Instagram account has since been deleted.

With social media accounts filled with photos of family and fitness regimens, Deborah’s accounts may or may not remain online in the wake of her husband’s arrest. Dan could face up to four years in prison for the felony charge that accompanies illegally videotaping a person as he is accused of doing in New York, the New York Daily News reports.