Meghan Markle Must Not Get A Royal Title, Says Online Petition, Claims She’s ‘Unfit For Royalty’

Meghan Markle is unfit for royalty and must not get a royal title — this according to an online petition that’s currently struggling to get signatures.

As RT reports, Londoner Louisa Pawsey is not impressed with Ms. Markle, for a host of reasons that will be explained in a few paragraphs. She’s started an online petition with the hope that Meghan won’t any titles when she marries the prince.

At this point, two things bear noting. First, online petitions carry no legal weight and aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Second, Ms. Pawsey seems to be all but alone in her desire to deny Meghan a title, as only a few hundred people have signed her petition as of this writing.

Titles? Who Cares?

To Americans such as this writer, titles are little more than words on paper (or pixels on a screen, so to speak). Anyone can claim for any title they please, and life will go on regardless. Just ask San Franciscan Joshua Abraham Norton, who in 1859 proclaimed himself “Norton I, Emperor of the United States.” The people of San Francisco read his proclamation in the newspaper and collectively said, “Sure, whatever.” (There’s actually more to the story, but that’s a subject for another article at another time.)

But in the British aristocracy — and indeed, aristocracies throughout Europe — titles are simultaneously meaningless and yet intensely coveted. You gain them when you marry into the aristocracy or somehow otherwise earn them, and as you marry up, climb the social ladder, or gain places in the line of succession to the throne, you get more titles and better ones. Queen Elizabeth II, for example, has a list of titles that would run to several paragraphs if they were all listed here.

And don’t forget that Princess Diana, when she divorced Prince Charles, went to great lengths to retain the title “Diana, Princess of Wales,” as the New York Times reported at the time.

Similarly, when Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles in 2005, the subject of which titles she would use was the source of much hand-wringing and pearl-clutching. For what it’s worth, she settled on “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall.”

OK, So Why The Hate For Meghan?

Meghan is set to attain the title “Duchess of Sussex,” and possibly others, when she marries Prince Harry, according to Us Weekly.

But she doesn’t deserve it, says Louisa, for three main reasons.

First, she’s divorced. A few generations ago, the subject of royals getting divorced, or marrying divorced people, was so controversial that it led to a constitutional crisis in 1936 when then-King Edward VIII wanted to marry a divorced American actress, Wallis Simpson. Edward wound up abdicating the throne to his younger brother, who was the father of Queen Elizabeth.

These days, the British government and public have gotten over their hangups on divorce, as Heir Apparent Prince Charles is himself divorced and married to a divorced woman, and there’s no doubt that he will someday become king.

Still, Louisa thinks that Meghan’s divorce disqualifies her from royalty. Further, Louisa’s petition alleges that Meghan cheated on her first husband, Trevor Engelson — something that she (Louisa) doesn’t back up with any sources.

Second, there are naked pictures of her in the barracks throughout the British armed forces, according to Louisa, and British servicemen are resigning their posts in horror at the possibility of a pinup girl becoming a royal. Again, Louisa doesn’t back that up with any sources, although it is true that there are innumerable photos of her that, while not nude, can certainly be described as “racy.”

Third, she’s “disrespectful.” Louisa accuses the future princess of “pulling faces” and sticking her tongue out at visitors. That much is true, inasmuch as she did, in fact, make funny faces and stick out her tongue at visitors to Sandringham, as the Mirror reports. The newspaper describes her actions as “cheeky” and “playful,” however, not “disrespectful.”

Whether those things disqualify Meghan from a royal title remain to be seen, but there is no indication, either from the Queen or from the British government, that Meghan is going to be denied a royal title, for these reasons or for any reasons.

As of this writing, Louisa’s petition to deny Meghan Markle a royal title has gained only 377 signatures.