Sarah Sanders Holds A Shotgun The Wrong Way, Says Twitter [Photo]

Alex WongGetty Images

Sarah Sanders posted a photo to her Twitter account boasting that she learned more “back home” than how to merely bake pecan pies. Using the hashtags #trapshooting and #pull, Sanders displayed herself holding a shotgun in a manner that has brought out the wrath of Twitter users who claim that Sarah does not know the correct way to hold the weapon.

As seen in the reply section of Sarah’s viral tweet, which has been liked more than 35,000 times and retweeted more than 7,000 times in the hour after Sanders published the photo on Thursday, December 28, the White House press secretary is getting plenty of blowback for the gun photo. One Twitter user wrote that Sarah holds a shotgun in a funny manner, suggesting she does not know how to actually shoot a shotgun.

Other Twitter users accused Sanders of holding the shotgun in a way that would hurt her shoulder if she attempted to shoot the gun. Sarah was accused of merely holding the gun simply to pose for the photo, not for real trap shooting. Another Twitter user posted a photo of the proper way to hold a shotgun, even as other Twitter users came to Sarah’s defense.

As reported by the Daily Caller, Sanders published the photo from her home state of Arkansas and referenced the previous photos of pies that she has posted during the “pie gate” controversy.

Meanwhile, at least one person wrote on Twitter that Sarah knows what she is doing when she shoots, even though video of Sanders shooting a shotgun could not be readily found. Detractors argue that if Sarah would have fired the gun at that moment that the photo was taken, the force of the shotgun recoiling would have struck Sarah in the face.

Opponents also surmise that a blast of gunpowder would have landed directly in Sarah’s right eye at the above angle that she is holding the shotgun. Sanders also received criticism for not wearing protection for her eyes and ears in the photo, while others blasted Sarah for posting the photo from her government Twitter account.