Robert Pattinson Confesses Insecurities As Kristen Stewart Ditches Girlfriend Stella Maxwell For Spa Date

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both had a full year. Not only did they release multiple movies like Personal Assistant, Good Time and more, but they also saw huge changes take place in their personal lives. Breaking up with his fiancee, FKA twigs, and seeing his career take to new heights, the British actor began to reveal more about himself in the public sphere. On the other hand, the American actress, settling into her relationship with Stella Maxwell, has started to concentrate on her next steps as an indie movie actress. While the public did not see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get back together, they certainly saw them take the next step in their lives and careers.

Ever since wrapping Twilight films, the 31-year-old actor only made small, critically acclaimed movies in hopes of shedding some of the labels he accrued from playing heartthrobs not only as a vampire but also as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. After breaking up with Kristen, whom he starred alongside in Twilight, he moved onto FKA twigs, whom he eventually got engaged to.

But this year, he ended the engagement with the British singer after what turned out to be a break from the relationship.

“He is on a press tour and she is working on her new album. And I think it’s timing,” a source said to People Magazine. “They’ve been all over the place. They have not seen each other in probably two months.”

Instead, the actor decided to ride the Good Time wave, which was getting him an Oscar buzz. He also has been doing a lot of promotional interviews with various magazines, which meant that he is back in the public’s spotlight.

Most recently, he opened up to the Hollywood Reporter in an interview about his “insecurities” and how he thinks about the progress he has made in acting so far.

“I’ve played a lot of parts that are quite reactive, and quite passive. I just wanted to play a part which was really on the front foot, and also didn’t have any shame or any fear,” he said to the publication. “I think it’s just my own insecurities, or whatever, I want to find someone who doesn’t have them, and be like, okay, if I just hold onto the train, the train will go through the wall, and everything will be fine.”

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend seems to be retreating a little from the public as she winds down to celebrate the New Years in a laid-back style. Last year, Kristen Stewart was jumping from one relationship to another, but in 2017, she settled down with Stella Maxwell, a Victoria’s Secret model.

They even adopted a dog together, which Stella calls their “son.”

Sendin Christmas Love from my son and I ????????❤️

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Right now, Kristen and her girlfriend are both in the Los Angeles area, enjoying the sunshine as the year comes to a close. However, this week, the 27-year-old actress was seen taking another female friend on a spa date.

Turns out, Stella Maxwell took a short trip away from California and had just gotten back midweek.

“[A] make-up free Stella Maxwell was spotted arriving at the Los Angeles International Airport all by her lonesome,” reported the Daily Mail. “Despite the solo trip, the Victoria’s Secret Angel, 27, managed to look stylish as always as she sported a casual chic ensemble with grey sweatpants and a black hoodie under a matching black bomber jacket.”

The actress and model have labored hard over the year to make sure that they have time for each other as they fulfill the commitments they have to brands, films, and other projects.