‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Noah Brown Gets New ‘Furry’ Pet As Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown Gives Thanks To Fans

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown received a new pet this past Christmas, while brother Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown gave fans a thank-you message for continuing to support the Brown family. As one Brown sibling got an early Christmas gift this year, another Brown sibling gave thanks on Christmas Day. Both brothers took to their respective social media accounts within the past week to show off gifts, share gifts of gratitude, and wish fans a Merry Christmas, as well.

Monsters & Critics shared both Alaskan Bush People updates, giving fans a quick glimpse into what two out of the five Brown brothers were up to this Christmas. Starting with Noah Brown on Saturday, Monsters & Critics wrote that the 25-year-old youngest Brown brother received a “four-legged and furry” gift from fiancee Rhain Alisha, 26. Noah Brown shared his “early Christmas gift” from Rhain on Saturday via his personal Instagram account. The photo of Noah Brown’s new 7-week-old pet female ferret was captioned with its name, Triss, while also adding that Rhain had gifted Noah everything Triss needed, including a cage, toys, and bedding.

Noah Brown made sure to let Alaskan Bush People fans know that he likes “ferrets as pets” and that Triss likes to take “long naps” in his hood. Fans sounded off in the comments of Noah’s Instagram post by saying “congratulations” and that ferrets make “make wonderful furbabies.” One fan also left a comment noting how Noah is “taking a new chapter” in his life with Rhain and thanked Noah for sharing with fans, while another comment asked how Noah came up with the name for his pet ferret. Answering back, Noah shared that he first heard of the name Triss in a video game and “liked how it sounded.”

Brown family matriarch Ami Brown was also offered blessings on Noah’s Instagram post, as she continues to recover from chemotherapy for late-stage lung cancer. Monsters & Critics wrote on Tuesday that Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown, 33, actually took to his personal Twitter account on Christmas Day to thank fans for their continued support for the Brown family while mom Ami battled cancer. Joshua “Bam” Brown added to his Christmas Day “tribute” to Alaskan Bush People fans that the Brown family is “honored and thankful” for fans and the “love, prayers, and support” that fans have shown for the Brown family — especially to mom Ami Brown.

Both Noah Brown and Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown wished fans of the Brown family’s long-running Discovery Channel reality TV series a Merry Christmas, and many fans reciprocated the greeting.

Noah Brown doesn’t have many followers yet on his newly-established Instagram account, but shared news of his pet ferret on his personal Facebook account, as well, where one fan noted that he won’t be able to take Triss to Los Angeles. Mom Ami has been receiving lung cancer treatment for several months in Los Angeles, and it’s against the law to own ferrets in California. However, In Touch Weekly reported two months ago that Noah and Rhain announced their engagement on social media and “fled California” shortly after Ami Brown finished her first round of chemotherapy.

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown and significant other Allison Kagan also do not reside in California and are working together to renovate a ferry boat called “Fathom This.” Monsters & Critics shared last month that Joshua “Bam” Brown and Allison Kagan “plan to live” on the ferry after renovations and that the couple has been dating for over a year. Although, search results for Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown lists Allison Kagan as his spouse.

The Hollywood Gossip wrote in August that Bam Bam Brown and Allison purchased the “Fathom This” ferry in South Carolina when it was still called the “Osprey.” The report goes on to say that Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown quit Alaskan Bush People in 2016, much like brother Noah Brown, who was rumored to have quit the show after the last new season, according to Monsters & Critics. Neither Brown brother appeared in the latest new episode of Alaskan Bush People, which aired on December 15 on the Discovery Channel as the 2017 Christmas special.