Jill Duggar Wears Pants As Derick Dillard Massages Feet, Gives ‘TMI’ On Baby After ‘Counting On’ Elimination

Ever since Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard got the boot from Counting On, they have been posting much more attention-grabbing content on their Instagram accounts. Right after TLC announced that Derick will no longer appear on the Duggar family reality series for his Twitter attacks on Jazz Jennings, the star of another TLC show, I Am Jazz, he and his wife have been turning to social media as a way to keep their fans engaged.

This holiday season, Jill Duggar is capturing her fans’ attention by showing how her husband has grown supportive of her wearing pants and sharing intimate information about her baby on Instagram. After the birth of her second baby, Samuel Dillard, this past July, the 26-year-old Duggar did not engage much with her fans, but it looks like getting eliminated from Counting On inspired her to find other ways to stay in touch with the public.

This month, Derick confirmed by replying to a fan’s tweet that he and his family will no longer be a part of the reality TV show.

After posting pictures of Derick eating uncooked cookie dough, jumping for joy at a wedding, and making out with her under a mistletoe, Jill Duggar shared a picture of him massaging her feet as she lies in bed wearing pants.

#besthubbyever #footrub

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On top of revealing the fact that Jill wore pants, this photo also showed that he got a new haircut.

However, the fans chose to focus on the fact that he still does not have a job to financially support his family.

“A true best hubby ever is one that gets off his lazy a** and gets a job to support his family as opposed to grifting clueless fans for money,” a fan wrote.

Derick launched a GoFundMe campaign, asking $10,000 from his fans so that he can work at Cross Church College for a year.

However, some Counting On fans seem to think that this picture revealed a little too much about the couple, saying that some intimate parts of the couple’s lives “should be kept private.” One fan even wrote that this was TMI (Too Much Information).

“I don’t post pictures of foreplay,” another fan commented.

Before this photo, Jill uploaded a picture of her baby Samuel that her fans also considered “TMI.”

While some of the fans were grossed out by the detailing of Samuel’s diaper habits, others understood this to be a normal, healthy part of baby rearing.

“That blowout would be considered a victory at our house,” a fan remarked. “Our little one explodes, it’s all or nothing.”

“This is still my life daily with a 7-month-old,” another chimed in. “I’ve found target brand diapers don’t blow out as often.”

Other than wearing pants and sharing too much information with her fans, Jill Duggar has also grabbed her followers’ attention by getting a henna tattoo and a nose ring.