Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Are Reportedly Heading For Divorce After Major Fight

It seems like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux may finally push through with filing a divorce after their recent fight. The two have been married for two years, but have recently been spending less time together due to work. After living separately for two and a half months, the couple reportedly got into an argument that most couples go through. However, the Friendsstar flipped out and got out of control thus prompting her hubby to storm out of their Bel-Air mansion.

A source told Radar Online that Jennifer came at Justin really hard that’s why he had to leave before things get physical. The 46-year-old actor reportedly stayed in a luxury suite worth $500 a night at The Beverly Hills Hotel since that was the only available room at that time. Theroux allegedly prefers a private residence, but was desperate to take any room just to steer clear from Aniston. The Leftovers star was reportedly comforted by a few friends the next morning before he headed back to his room.

An insider claimed that the marriage of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are beyond repair, which means that the two are heading for divorce sometime soon. The screenwriter reportedly had enough of his wife’s jealousy and is not planning to go back. A source revealed that the Aniston and Theroux have been getting into a lot of fights lately and they even called off their annual tree-trimming party which is a sign that there is trouble in their marriage.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston

The last time that Jennifer and Justin were photographed together was in October. They were also spotted shopping separately a few weeks ago, which sparked rumors that the pair has already split. According to a source, one of the main reasons for their fight is the actor’s flirting with his co-stars. The Horrible Bosses star was not happy with her hubby’s closeness with Emma Stone on the set of Maniac.

An insider claimed that Aniston and Theroux need to fix their marriage before it leads to divorce. Maybe that’s why the two decided to go on a romantic getaway in Mexico for the New Year’s Eve weekend. A source told Us Weekly that Jennifer and Justin are still going strong. They reportedly have no issue living separately and doing their own thing. They also don’t let the divorce rumors affect them and their relationship.