WWE Rumor: Major Heel Turn Coming Soon On ‘SmackDown Live’


Nearly a year ago, Tye Dillinger made his main roster debut during the ‘Royal Rumble Match. At the time, Dillinger was a red-hot babyface in NXT. His debut proved his popularity with the WWE Universe and that catapulted him onto the SmackDown Live roster after WrestleMania 33. Unfortunately, “The Perfect 10’s” booking on SmackDown Live has not been consistent and his babyface run has become stale over the year.

Tye Dillinger has performed consistently in the ring and been a part of some great matches, especially since he entered the United States Title picture. The problem is that Tye’s popularity and skill hasn’t translated into title reigns or significant pushes, which has left him stuck in the midcard. However, WWE officials are planning a huge angle for him that could change his fortune heading into a new year and WrestleMania 34.

During a WWE live event last night in Detroit, Tye Dillinger won a singles match against Sin Cara. After the match, the two shared a handshake, but “The Perfect 10” laid out Sin Cara with a cheap shot. A lot of people believe the angle to be the beginning of a heel turn for Dillinger. It seems that WWE officials are testing the waters to see if the heel turn would be a great idea to give his character some new life on SmackDown Live.

Tye Dillinger is the Perfect 10 on WWE Programming
'The Perfect 10 gimmick has always been better for a heel run than a babyface.'Featured image credit: WWE

Originally, “The Perfect 10” gimmick was created as a heel persona for Tye Dillinger. Over time, Dillinger’s in-ring work and the fun of the “10” chant made him a great babyface. Unfortunately, his popularity hasn’t translated onto the main roster and WWE officials feel it’s the right time for him to change things up. There is no doubt about him being able to pull off a heel run, the big question is if the audience will embrace him.

Recently, Rusev has been gaining a lot of steam with the audience and a babyface turn seems inevitable for him. WWE officials are likely looking to turn someone else heel to balance the roster, which may be a great thing for Tye Dillinger to get “The Perfect 10” gimmick back to basics or try something new on SmackDown Live. Eventually, someone as talented as Tye Dillinger will reach the next level on WWE television.