Ten Modern Warfare 2 stories in one post

As news relating to Modern Warfare 2 is threatening to engulf the entire Internet, I thought I’d compile ten of today’s Modern Warfare 2 stories into one easily digestible article. And by the time I finish this, there’ll be another twenty stories waiting to be posted.

  • Think Modern Warfare 2 publisher Activision is a heartless corporate behemoth which cares only about the bottom line? Well, think again, because Activision is donating $1 million to form the Call of Duty Endowment (CODE), a not-for-profit organization that will help American military vets to adapt to civilian life and find a job. [Washington Post]
  • Ruh-roh: some PS3 users are reporting that the game isn’t rewarding Trophies when it should. [Joystiq]
  • A cool three million copies of the game have been shipped to the UK – that’s a copy for every twentieth British resident! [MCV]
  • Even JAPAN is buying it. Japanese gamers famously care very little for first-person shooters… yet these queues don’t lie. [AndriaSang]
  • Modern Warfare 2 has at least one celebrity fan. “Actor, rapper, and hardcore gamer” Ice T loves the game, not to mention his free night vision goggles. I’ve no idea who Ice T is because I’m old and out of touch, but I assume he is “down with da kidz.” [MTV Multiplayer]
  • Naturally, the game is expected to obliterate sales records everywhere, with every big-name retailer out there tipping it to be the best-selling game of all time. This is almost not news. [BBC]
  • Gamers who boycotted the title because there are no dedicated servers for the PC version are being blamed for the game’s low user score of 1.3 on IGN. Spamming a gaming site with low scores: man, that’ll really show those Activision bastards. [Destructoid]
  • Apparently, some kind of Modern Warfare 2 “launch party” took place in New York. Handily, some people took a video camera. [Joystiq]
  • PC gamers who plan to buy the game from downloadable service Steam are out of luck – it now won’t be available until midnight on Friday, a delay that has gone unexplained. Digital distribution is the future! [Steam]
  • Modern Warfare 3 revealed!!!!1!1 [The Onion]