December 27, 2017
WWE Rumors: Former WWE Divas Champion Possibly Injured During Show In Uniondale

Could one of the WWE women's division's top superstars been seriously hurt on Wednesday night? The latest WWE rumors coming out of Uniondale, New York, are that Paige, who is back after being away for months with recovery from neck issues, may have been hurt again. The former WWE Divas Champion seems to have received an injury while working a match with her new stable Absolution at the New York event. Here are the latest details of Paige's injury, which appear to be scarce at the moment.

The news of Paige's injury first broke on various social media including Twitter and was later reported by WrestleZone. Paige's injury occurred during her six-woman tag match in which she teamed up with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville against the team of Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James. At one part of the match, Paige took a kick to the face from opponent Sasha Banks which caused the injury, and eventually the match had to be stopped. A fan's video from the WWE Uniondale event shows Paige on the mat in the ring with a referee and medical official checking on her. At one point, as Paige is still lying in the ring, a stretcher is rolled down the ramp to try to take her backstage for medical help. Reports coming from fans on social media have said that the "Anti-Diva" was able to walk on her own backstage after being taken away by stretcher.

As mentioned, Paige just made her return to WWE within the past month after a lengthy hiatus from the company. She got drafted to WWE Raw last July during the WWE Draft, but then featured sparingly after that. She eventually received her first-ever suspension for violation of the WWE Wellness Policy due to drug testing issues, and then another 30-day suspension for another violation. Paige remained away from WWE for some time and was seen mostly hanging out with former fiance Alberto Del Rio.

Since returning to WWE, Paige has been leading a new stable called "Absolution" which has been trying to lay waste to the rest of the Raw women's roster. It's believed that Paige was among the top favorites to win the upcoming women's Royal Rumble next month in Philadelphia. Other favorites to win the match have included Asuka and UFC star Ronda Rousey.

It would be disappointing for Paige to not appear in the first-ever women's historic Rumble match. However, right now most fans are hoping that Paige is not seriously hurt after what happened in her Uniondale match on Wednesday night. WWE seemed to have big plans for Paige in her return including the promotion of a new biopic movie based on her life, so this injury could certainly be another unfortunate setback.

Update: In another updated report on Paige's injury on Wednesday night, Bleacher Report's Joseph Zucker has reported it was a shoulder injury that Paige suffered at the event.