Truck Blocks CNN Cameras As Trump Golfs Again

Journalists were partially blocked from filming President Donald Trump as he golfed on Wednesday, December 27. According to CNN, it was difficult to get video footage and photographs of Trump once again golfing, because a white truck parked in the path of the media and moved back and forth to block their shots of Trump hitting the links.

The Secret Service has denied using the white truck to block the press from capturing video and photos of Trump golfing, and CNN has not received a response from the White House explaining the presence of the truck. As seen in the CNN video below, the news network was able to capture footage of President Trump golfing on Tuesday, December 26, but by the next day, the mysterious truck showed up to strategically block the view of reporters, who were still able to capture limited footage of Trump on the golf course at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida.

On social media, Trump’s critics are viewing the large white truck as an attempt to prevent the public from learning how often Trump golfs. According to recent pool reports from journalists assigned to tag along with the presidential motorcade, Trump had no public events on the schedule, but has shown up on his golf course several days in a row around Christmastime, in spite of claiming he’d be back to work the day after Christmas.

“President Donald J. Trump has no public events scheduled.”

NBC tracks the visit as day No. 86 that Trump has visited a golf property. With the press being blocked from filming Trump’s recreational activities, theories have come out asserting that Trump might be getting sensitive to all the footage of him golfing appearing on the news each day.

Folks on social media are quipping that Trump might not want the public checking out his golf swing. An article from Jalopnik, titled “Isuzu Truck Appears To Have Landed Lucrative ‘Obscure View Of President Trump Golfing’ Role,” jokes about the job the truck driver was obviously assigned.

Meanwhile, the truck blocking Trump in West Palm Beach wasn’t ordered by the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office either, leaving people to wonder who hired the truck to attempt to foil the press as Trump played that specific hole.

Trump is on track to play golf 300 percent more than former President Barack Obama did, according to Mediaite.

As reported by CNN, President Trump’s days on his own golf courses or at other Trump properties have used up nearly 33 percent of his time in office thus far.