Duggar Family News: Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo Just Visited A Science Museum, And Fans Are Getting Mind-Blown

Jinger VuoloInstagram

Even before getting married, Jinger Duggar has always held a special place in the Duggar family community. Brazen and bold, the Duggar daughter’s attitude and spunk sparked the #FreeJinger movement on the internet. Now married to Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger continues to captivate the Duggar family community due to her style choices and the fact that she and her husband are holding off on having children, contrary to conventional Duggar traditions.

Jinger’s latest Instagram post follows the same pattern that the reality TV star has been adopting for the past few months, starting with her outfit. The Duggar daughter wore a stylish ensemble consisting of a coat, a scarf, a cute hat, what seems to be high-heeled Converse shoes, and a pair of comfortable jeans. The recent Instagram picture featured Jinger and Jeremy with the Vuolos, who were visiting The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

While Jinger’s ensemble has managed to strike a pleasant chord among her social media followers and the Duggar family community in general, however, one particular aspect of the reality TV star’s Instagram upload has managed to get her fans talking. As noted by members of the r/CountingOn subreddit, Jinger’s most recent photo just revealed that the Duggar daughter has visited and seemingly enjoyed her time at an actual science museum.

“Jinger is at a real, fact-based science museum! I bet jimboob is s******* his pants right now,” wrote one member of the online community.

“Imagine how much of a mind trip it must be to be surrounded by fact-based, evidence-backed science that directly contradicts everything you were taught around your kitchen table while being homeschooled. Like how much of a paradigm shift that would be,” wrote another.

Considering the strict fundamentalist Christian upbringing that Jinger went through, the idea of the Duggar daughter being exposed to exhibits featuring cold, scientific facts is something that is rather unexpected. After all, over the course of her younger years, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have controlled the information that Jinger was exposed to and considering their staunch conservative Christian faith, there is a good chance that the reality TV star was not exposed to many scientific ideas at all.

Jinger’s in-laws, however, are proving to be the antithesis of her biological parents. The Vuolos, while still adopting the Christian faith, are far more liberal, and this could be seen in something as basic as the style choices of Jeremy’s family members. The fact that the ex-professional soccer player also allows his wife to wear more liberal clothing is further proof that among the married Duggar daughters, Jinger seems to be the one who lucked out.

If any, Jinger’s trip to The Franklin Institute must have been an experience for the Duggar daughter unlike any other.