Ivanka And Tiffany Trump As Bikini-Clad Sisters — Duo Getting Slammed For Posting Video

Jacquelyn MartinAP Images

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, the two daughters of President Donald Trump, donned bikinis and posed together while wishing their many online followers “Merry Christmas.” This was captured on a video that was then posted by Tiffany to her social media accounts. The Trump sisters puckered up their lips and lightly blew kisses as the Christmas song “Oh Holy Night” played in the background. It is Tiffany’s voice you hear saying “Merry Christmas” as the quick clip cuts out.

So why did Ivanka and Tiffany sporting bikinis and blowing kisses at the camera ruffle some feathers? For some reason, social media users “mercilessly mocked the sisters for this post,” reports the Huffington Post. The Trump girls were in a setting that people equate the rich and famous with, under blue skies at the Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

“I sure hope your fellow Americans in Puerto Rico who have been without power for 3 months enjoy this as much as you are,” which was a comment left on Tiffiny’s Instagram post of this clip. People not only accused Ivanka and Tiffany of “being out of touch” with the American people, some included the entire family. A Twitter user wrote the following.

“You and your family are so out of touch with reality. Enjoy your vacation while people struggle every day.”

Another Twitter user wrote this.

“Just another way to say, “Suck it, poor folks!” disguised as “Merry Christmas!”

As the tweets and comments on Instagram racked up, Tiffany posted another picture of herself wishing her followers a “happy and a peaceful year to come.” As you can see in the Instagram picture below, Tiffany donned a skin-tight dress for the occasion.

The Trumps didn’t have too much luck with critiques of their posted Christmas pictures this year. Melania did something out of the ordinary for the First Lady and she posted a selfie on Twitter. She donned a Santa hat with a flying reindeer on top and she had a rather surprised look on her face.

People slammed Melania’s selfie, calling it “undignified for a first lady.” One Twitter user even equated Melania’s pose with something you might find in Hustler, the men’s magazine. It was only Melania’s face that was tweeted, but people came down on the picture as if she did something horrible. According to AOL, people “slammed” Melania’s selfie as “incredibly tacky.”

Last, but certainly not least, Melania and Donald Trump posted the picture below, which shows each of them on separate phone calls with the Christmas tree for a backdrop. Some folks who apparently didn’t take the time to read the description of just what it was the First Lady and the President were doing in the photo and they started to read things into the picture that just weren’t there, as described in a previous Inquistr article.

Melania and Donald Trump were taking phone calls from the kids calling into Santa tracking at NORAD and that was described along with the picture. Some, who apparently didn’t read just what the Trump couple was doing, saw this picture as a couple “disconnected,” which is how the photo was described on social media. Not everyone took the photo the wrong way, there were plenty of folks giving kudos for the Trumps enjoying the spirit of Christmas by taking phone calls from the kids.