Donald Trump ‘Meltdown’ Predicted By Twitter As Barack Obama Beats Him In ‘Most Admired’ Man Poll

Two of Donald Trump’s biggest rivals are the most admired people in America, according to a recent poll. It’s rare for a sitting president not to come out on top in Gallup’s annual survey, so some netizens are predicting that Trump will eventually have a Twitter meltdown over the results.

Donald Trump is the first president to lose Gallup’s Most Admired Man poll during his first full year in office. Gerald Ford didn’t win the honor in 1974, but he’d only been president for four months when the poll was conducted; he assumed the role of commander in chief after Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was named the Most Admired Man that year.

The incumbent president has won the poll 58 out of the 71 times it has been conducted since 1946. In addition to Donald Trump, only half a dozen other incumbent presidents — George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, and Harry Truman — lost the poll during their time in office. Of the six, only Bush served two full terms as president. (However, Truman did get close after assuming the office upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.) To make matters worse for Trump, the man who Americans looked up to most in 2017 is his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Barack Obama won the title of America’s Most Admired Man with 17 percent of the vote, while Donald Trump finished in second place at 14 percent. With 9 percent of the vote, Hillary Clinton was named the country’s Most Admired Woman. She finished just ahead of Michelle Obama, who received 7 percent of the vote.

“He still can’t win the popular vote,” wrote the New York Daily News of Trump’s loss to Obama.

The quip was a reference to Donald Trump’s fixation with losing the popular vote to formal rival Hillary Clinton. As reported by the Politico, the president has repeatedly claimed that voter fraud is to blame for his popular vote loss to America’s Most Admired Woman, who bested him by almost 3 million votes.

Hillary Clinton has won the Most Admired Woman poll every year for the past 16 years, while Barack Obama has been named the Most Admired Man 10 years in a row. Barack Obama and Dwight D. Eisenhower hold the distinction of being the only two presidents to earn the Most Admired Man title after leaving office.

“Trump’s unpopularity is holding him back from winning the most admired distinction,” Gallup explained of why Trump got beat by his predecessor.

“The incumbent president is the usual winner, since he is arguably the most prominent figure in the country — but when the president is unpopular, other well-known and well-liked men have been able to finish first.”

As reported by RawStory, some people believe that it will only be a matter of time before Donald Trump responds to the Gallup poll by throwing a Twitter tantrum.

The Most Admired Man poll results are just the latest in a flurry of negative news stories that Donald Trump is being forced to face as the year comes to a close. As reported by the Hill, his first-year approval rating of 32 percent is the lowest ever recorded. He also missed out on being named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year, but he did score a mention in the publication’s piece on women who have spoken out against sexual harassment. However, it was as one of the powerful men who have been accused of making unwanted sexual advances.