Duggar Family Slammed For Extravagant Christmas, Kids Get Gifts As TLC Shoots ‘Counting On’ New Season

Duggar family is famous for having biological 19 kids. While that is a challenge on the part of the mother, having a big family also puts a strain on the parents financially. However, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have adopted various methods to save money and look for deals as they look to provide comfortable lives for their children. They have talked about it on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, two shows that documented the lives of the Duggar family.

Michelle Duggar has extensively written about ways of saving money on TLC blog. She revealed that she budgets about $3,000 on groceries monthly, that she does not rush into buying things and that she never buys things on credit.

“We’ve taught our kids when you buy something on credit, you ending up paying three times as much for it,” she wrote. “Whereas, if you pay cash, the asking price is exactly the price you’ll pay.”

But perhaps the most famous adage that she follows is “buy used and save the difference.” The Duggar family famously never buys anything new. Instead, they frequent thrift stores and Craigslist for deals.

“Another way we cut corners is to always buy used and save the difference,” she wrote. “That means when it comes time to shop for clothes, we go to the thrift stores. And we’ve never bought a new car. If you buy a car that’s at least three years old, you’re going to save yourself thousands of dollars by not buying new.”

So it was a shock to Counting On fans when they saw that she spent money on new toys and presents for her kids this Christmas.

“What happened to “buy used and save the difference”?” a fan inquired. “Those are some expensive toys they got.”

“Wow, those things are like $150 each,” a follower noticed. “Where’s the buy used save the difference?”

Another fan chimed in, “How do you shop for that many children?”

Many followers defended the family saying that it is not a big deal that the parents got new things for their kids on Christmas. However, some of the more long-time fans noticed the discrepancy in what they preach and their actions.

“The Duggars did a Christmas special years ago,” a fan wrote. “Buying used and making all homemade gifts. The show was all about saving even at Christmas. Just saying.”

While the Duggars have a lot of kids, and even more grandkids on the way, they are certainly not strapped for cash. TLC confirmed this month that it will air the new season of Counting Onthis coming spring.

“You’ll be able to keep following Joe and Kendra’s story when Counting On returns to TLC in Spring 2018,” the website states.

The more loyal followers noticed that the new season was already underway when they spotted Joy-Anna Duggar and Jana Duggar with a film crew in a neighborhood nail salon.

The new season of Counting On will most likely feature Joseph and Kendra’s pregnancy journey and Joy-Anna and Austin’s first baby.