Erika Girardi On Lisa Rinna’s Feud With Kim Richards

Will Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards ever be friends again after what went down between them on the previous The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season? On the latest episode that aired on Tuesday night, Lisa’s drama with Kim was revisited when Kim’s sister, Kyle Richards, revealed that after last season’s reunion show filming, Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, angrily told her that she needs to keep Kim away from Lisa. Lisa said that she knew about Harry’s conversation with Kyle and apologized to Kyle that she was made to feel uncomfortable.

Just last week, Erika Girardi, a.k.a Erika Jayne, talked about Lisa’s strained relationship with Kim during her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. During the after-show portion, a viewer called in and asked Erika if she thinks Lisa and Kim will ever be in a good place with one another. Erika said that she wasn’t sure, but she hopes that the two women do reconcile.

“Um I don’t know but I hope so because I like them both. They’re both really dynamic women.”

On Tuesday night’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, some of the housewives confronted Lisa Rinna about her behavior last season. Kyle Richards told Lisa about the awkward run-in she had with her husband, Harry Hamlin, the day after they filmed the season 7 reunion show. Kyle said that when she ran into Harry during a hike, Harry, furious about how Kim Richards had treated his wife at the reunion show, initially ignored her when she greeted him. Kyle added that Harry angrily told her that something needs to be done about Kim and that Kim needs to be kept away from Lisa and the other women. As Kyle revealed this information, the other housewives, including Erika Girardi, listened quietly. Lisa apologized to Kyle for Harry’s conversation with her.

Last season, Kim, who popped up in a few scenes, was still angry with Lisa about talking badly about her and questioning her sobriety. Lisa tried to make amends by gifting Kim a blue bunny toy in celebration of her grandson’s impending birth. Lisa told Kim it was a gift for her pregnant daughter, Brooke. On the reunion show, however, Kim made it clear that she wasn’t giving Lisa any forgiveness by pulling out the blue bunny and giving it back to Lisa. As Lisa’s face fell in disappointment and she looked about ready to cry, Kim explained that she was giving it back because she felt as if it came with negative energy and that the person who gifted it wasn’t genuine. Kim pointedly said that she never presented the blue bunny to her daughter. Lisa was so brokenhearted that she left the stage in tears.

Some of the people I love most ❤️????☃️????????????????

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Lisa Rinna’s drama with Kim Richards goes as far back as season five, which was Lisa’s first season and prior to Erika Girardi’s addition to the show. The drama between Kim and Lisa culminated when Kim, angry at Lisa for talking to others about her sobriety, implied that Lisa’s husband was guilty of some scandalous behavior during a group dinner in Amsterdam. Lisa was so enraged at Kim bringing up Harry that she stood up and threw a wine glass down on the table toward Kim. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, as that episode aired, Harry tweeted his support for his wife and joked about what he supposedly did.