Fans Asking ‘Where’s Ed Westwick?’ As Girlfriend Jessica Serfaty Shares Solo Vacation Photos

Ed Westwick has been MIA on social media since three separate women accused him of sexual assault in early November. Ed took to social media to deny the allegations on November 7 and 9 but hasn’t appeared on any platform since then. Jessica shared a photo alongside her boyfriend after the allegations arose to support her man, but she hasn’t shared anything else with him since.

Jessica has continued to post photos of herself, her son, and promotions for her businesses but has stayed tight-lipped about her boyfriend. There has been no news of a break-up for the couple, but there are few signs of life on the other hand.

Earlier this week, Jessica noticeably made her Instagram account private and reopened it this morning. There were no changes or photos removed from her account, and fans are buzzing as to why she made the decision to go private for a few days. When she returned, Jessica added a slideshow of photos from a trip to Paris. The caption on the images suggested the trip was “not too terribly long ago,” so there’s no definitive answer on if she was dating Ed at the time this trip was taken. The duo began dating back in March.

Nevertheless, fans are still questioning Jessica on where Ed was on this trip to Paris. Some fans were more general, wondering why Ed wasn’t making an appearance on her feed at all since November 20. Jessica has not acknowledged or answered any of these questions, most likely to respect the privacy of Ed, who is currently under investigation.

Jessica did acknowledge Ed on Twitter under the radar by liking a fans collage of photos of the Gossip Girl actor. The tweet begged for Ed to “come back” and promised that his fans missed him. The tweet was posted on December 21, confirming the couple was still on good terms and likely still together last week.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

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The actress also liked a tweet from December 14 by Female Problems. The encouraging post asked followers to be there for the man in their life and not to judge him. Jessica is one of the few women in Hollywood to stand by her partner after he has been accused of sexual assault.