Ivanka Trump Slammed For Tweeting Her New Year’s Resolution To ‘Sleep More’ With Link To Article

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Another day, another Trump in the headlines.

Of course, Ivanka Trump already made news over the holiday after her sister, Tiffany Trump, posted a video of the sisters on her Twitter account. As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, the Trump sisters caused quite a stir on social media after Tiffany Trump took to both her Instagram and Twitter accounts to post a video of herself and Ivanka making kissy faces in their bikinis. After just seven hours of being posted on both accounts, the video gained over 183,000 views and counting.

The girls were, of course, celebrating Christmas with their father, President Donald Trump, in Palm Beach at Mar-a-Lago. Ivanka did not retweet or repost the video on her Instagram or Twitter account, but she still received a lot of backlash on social media for it.

Today, Ivanka is being attacked again for what appeared to be a simple tweet. Early this morning, the 36-year-old penned a tweet that her New Year’s resolution was to “sleep more.” Along with the now-controversial tweet, Trump shared a link to the article that was posted by USA Today. The basis of the article is that, like food and water, sleep is essential to every living human even though it is often overlooked. Without sleep, our bodies cannot eliminate bad toxins, which could eventually lead to death. The article also states that there’s a little-known fact that humans can only live 11 days without sleep.

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Within four hours of the tweet, it has already gained over 3,000 likes, 644 retweets, and over 940 comments. A ton of Ivanka’s 5 million-plus Twitter followers slammed the mother of three, and though some of the feedback on the article was positive, many attacked the first daughter for not being realistic.

One Twitter user commented that he can’t sleep more because he’s working two jobs, while another replied to his post, mocking Trump.

“Let me guess – neither job includes ripping off designers or ‘working’ for Daddy?” she quipped.

“I bet the Chinese kids who make your shoes wish they could get more sleep,” another user tweeted, referring to Ivanka’s clothing and shoe line.

A handful other users told Ivanka that she should sleep more as long as it’s not in the White House. One user even told Ivanka to tell her father Donald to sleep more to avoid working.

“Please ask your father to sleep more. 24/7 would be great.”

It doesn’t appear that Trump’s eldest daughter replied to any of the comments on the thread of her Twitter account, nor has she made another tweet after receiving all of the backlash. Who knows, perhaps she’s just used to it by now.