How ‘Venom’ Could Set Up Villains In The Spider-Verse, Eddie Brock’s Ex Mentioned

Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images

Sony is hopeful for a successful Venom movie with Tom Hardy leading the flick as Eddie Brock, with Michelle Williams playing Hardy’s character’s ex-wife, Anne Weying. Screen Rant mused about how her character could be injected into the cinematic universe.

The Venom movie had two arcs that were referenced by Tom Hardy over at the Comic Con Experience in Brazil. For one, he mentioned the Planet of Symbiotes 5-issue comic series as well as Venom: Lethal Protector which was a 6-issue series. The thing is though, Anne Weying has no involvement in those two story arcs.

That said, Screen Rant figured the Spider-verse cinematic connection could refer back to Amazing Spider-Man No. 375 where Peter Parker does some digging on Eddie’s history and finds out who is ex-wife is and seeks her out. This was a turning point in the comic where Venom goes from villain to anti-hero. From there, there’s the thought that Sony could introduce Wild Pack which is a group of mercenaries led by Silver Sable.

Michelle’s character may not yet become a villain (She-Venom) right away, as this could be a stepping point. Sony could possibly be easing her into it. She said that in the past couple of months she hasn’t partaken in any kind of digitization and had been doing a completely human role up to this point.

Of course, this is just the first Venom movie, but you never know it could be possible to take on She-Venom in the future.

“I think that stuff exists in a realm that I’m not involved in, that stuff exists in the digital realm. And I’m still a human, like, after all this time. They haven’t digitized me.”

Keep in mind, come 2019, a Spider-Man: Homecoming spin-off flick called Silver & Black will involve Black Cat and Silver Sable’s creators, with writing credit given to them on this project. Although no casting has been set for that movie, it’s telling of the Marvel creators’ involvement. That said, Screen Rant mentioned this could be the “connective tissue” between it all and how it could set up the future of the Sony/Spider-verse on the big screen.


Filming for the Venom movie has only started in October, so it’s too soon to tell, and actors are less likely to be forthcoming with any real details.