Jenny McCarthy VH1 Show Inspired By Hefner’s ‘Playboy After Dark’


Jenny McCarthy says her new show on VH1 will aim for the vibe of Playboy After Dark, a cheesy syndicated television program hosted by Hugh Hefner in the late 1960s.

Playboy After Dark was simulated party at the Playboy Mansion although it was scripted and shot in a Los Angeles TV studio.

McCarthy’s late-night talk show, which has been in development for years, premieres on the VH1 network on February 8 at 10:30 pm Eastern time.

The Jenny McCarthy Project, she said, will have a throwback party atmosphere just like Hef’s old-school show attempted to portray, according to The Examiner:

“What is missing in late night — to me — is a bit of sexiness. Not that Jay Leno is not sexy, but I l feel like the template that I talked about is Playboy After Dark. What I love that Hugh Hefner did was kind of have this sexy, after hours party but also have really great conversations with his guests. That was really my goal … trying to incorporate that kind of sexiness with having really great conversations with celebrities.”

According to AP, “one segment she plans with celebrity guests is the ‘groundbreaking interview,’ which is talking to guests while both are lying on the ground. McCarthy also plans a game, ‘Drunk, Dumb or Both,’ asking men outside a bar questions like, ‘what color is a red boat?’ ”

As The Inquisitrpreviously reported, McCarthy — who posed for Playboy magazine in 1993 — said that she “was excited that late-night, especially cable, is going to let me have that free reign. It will be a little bit more tame and not as vile [as her MTV show Singled Out] but I think that the honesty will still be there, and the fun will still be there.”

Does Jenny McCarthy’s new show sound like “fun” and will you be watching?

Here’s a Playboy After Dark clip with The Byrds as the musical guest: