Beth Chapman Posts Throwback Photo ‘Where It All Began’

On Wednesday, December 27, Beth Chapman shared a throwback photo of herself and her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman. The photo received nearly 5,000 “likes” in the first couple of hours of it being posted on Instagram, and fans simply couldn’t get enough of it!

The picture was taken on August 30, 2004, according to Beth’s caption. It shows Dog in a black leather vest with nothing underneath, an arm cuff and a wristband. He was sporting long hair — a signature of his — and dark sunglasses. Meanwhile, Beth is cuddled up to him, holding on to his arm, wearing a black, pleather-bondage-looking get-up, sporting big hair, big earrings, and super long fingernails.

Interestingly, the photo was taken two years before Dog and Beth tied the knot (they got married in 2006). This was before marriage, before children, and before most people knew who they were. Flash forward 13 years, four kids, and a super-successful business that led to a television show, and you’ve got a totally different Dog and Beth. The most important thing, of course, is that they still love each other very much.

It’s hard to believe that the below pic was taken so long ago — but what a great shot! Fans loved that Beth shared this photo with them, and have been commenting with awesome words of love and support all morning.

August 30, 2004 @aetv where it all began .

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There is no question that the photo is a throwback, although the couple looks like they haven’t aged much over the past 13 years. In fact, some might even say that Beth has gotten hotter as she has aged! Although she hasn’t had an easy 2017 (she was diagnosed with Stage II throat cancer and had to undergo surgery to remove a tumor), she is looking really good these days. She seems very happy (perhaps it’s the new shoes that Dog bought her for Christmas, who knows?!), she has lost some weight, and she just seems like she has a renewed sense of purpose.

Just for comparison purposes, take a look at the more recent photo of Dog and Beth below. Beth shared this picture just after the Christmas holiday. You’ve just got to love these two!

#ChristmasEve #church #dogandbeth #hawaii #christmas #nofilter #merryxmas

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