TV’s ‘Friends’ Got Busy With 138 People, According To Reddit

Some guy with a lot of free time on his hands counted the number of people the main cast of the popular TV showFriends were “intimate” with. The final count? 138 total.

MSN reports that some guy on Reddit (where else) with “precious few social obligations” undertook the chore of working through all 238 episodes of the sitcom Friends in order to chart the sexual activity of its main characters. Admittedly, the final number is a “rough” calculation, as the Redditor counted on-screen love affairs as well as vague references to off-screen trysts.

So how did the final Friends “score board” work out?

Here’s the general data, via GrantLand:

Confirmed sex (either by strong innuendo or plain admission) = 1. Unconfirmed sex (e.g., ‘I dated a guy…’) = 0.5.

  • Chandler: 10.5 sex partners
  • Ross: 14 sex partners
  • Monica: 14.5 sex partners
  • Rachel: 15.5 sex partners
  • Phoebe: 32.5 sex partners
  • Joey: 51.5 sex partners

Joey emerges as the biggest man-ho (no surprises there) while Phoebe nabs a distant second. Chandler comes in dead-last, which makes sense if you remember the TV show well: Chandler’s failure-to-launch love life made for many a funny (and often awkward) gag.

The OP also listed some Friends Fun Facts. For instance, “Joey and Ross have taken part in threesomes,” everyone went through a dry spell in Season 6, and Phoebe “outperformed” Joey in a total of four seasons.

We haven’t checked out the numbers ourselves, but we’re willing to buy the final “138-ish” number. After all, there’s a graph. And graphs mean serious business.

Are you surprised by the Friends sex total? Did you think the total would be less? More? Sound off!