President Donald Trump Is ‘More Malevolent Forrest Gump Than Master Statesman’ Report Claims

It would be fair to say that President Donald Trump does not have the best of relationships with the mainstream media. Trump seems to brand every criticism as “fake news,” and he responds in kind, with almost constant attacks on the media. The media’s focus on Trump’s foreign policy is one example of where the White House and the media are out of step. Trump’s rhetoric towards North Korea, his criticism of foreign allies, and his cozying up to China have been subject to frequent media criticism, but it is Trump’s connections to Russia that has generated more press coverage than anything else.

USA Today has launched a fierce attack on President Trump’s foreign policy. The problem, they argue, is that Donald Trump doesn’t have a foreign policy strategy. Trump’s foreign policy, they claim, “reveals an infantile mind giving vent to impulses.” They go on to say that Donald Trump “is more of a malevolent Forrest Gump than anything resembling a master statesman,” and that Trump’s “ignorance is only exceeded by his hatefulness.”

The feeling generated by the media is that President Trump’s foreign policy is dictated by his frequent Twitter spats, something that President Barack Obama mentioned in his recently broadcast interview with Prince Harry. As reported by the New York Post, President Obama did not name Trump when he discussed the responsibility of those in leadership to use the internet responsibly.

“All of us in leadership have to find ways to recreate a common space on the internet.”

“One of the dangers of the internet is people can have entirely different realities. They can be just cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases.”

Donald Trump Malevolent Forrest Gump

The media have accused President Trump of trying to create an alternative world, one where only Donald Trump can be trusted to share the truth. That was something that Trump alluded to in one of his recent attacks on the media.

Of course, it’s arguably Trump’s alleged relationship with Russia that has drawn the most column inches during the Trump presidency. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has already indicted four members of Trump’s election and transition teams. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, President Trump’s legal team have been speaking to the Mueller investigation team. Trump is keen to see the end of the Russia investigation which has haunted most of his presidency, especially given that Mueller’s indictment of General Michael Flynn takes the investigation right to the heart of Trump’s family.

Trump’s response has been his public denigration of the FBI. Just before Christmas, Trump publicly attacked FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and yesterday he renewed his attacks on both the FBI and Hillary Clinton.

There can be little doubt that President Trump will continue to use social media to attack his opponents, including the FBI and the media. Whilst he continues to do so the media will continue to report on every controversial comment that Trump makes. It would seem that a war of attrition between Donald Trump and the media will continue for the duration of Trump’s presidency.