‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Will Finally Tackle Alex Karev’s Troubling Teen Years When Season 14 Returns

Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its mid-season break, but when it returns next month a lot of meaty storylines are set to continue – including the return of Jo’s ex-husband, the possible romance of Jackson and Maggie, and a possible new love interest for Meredith. The popular medical drama will also feature a flashback to Alex Karev’s teen years during an upcoming episode, giving fans a glimpse into his troubled past.

Alex Karev Survived A Troubling Childhood

As Moviefone reports, Karev’s childhood featured a drug-addicted father, a schizophrenic mother whom he had committed, 17 foster homes in five years, and a stint in juvie because he stole food to feed his family. He also changed his name, by dropping Evans and switching to Karev, his mother’s maiden name, to distance himself as much as possible from his dad.

The episode, which Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey) will direct, will partially focus on Karev’s past, but they have yet to finalize the script, so it is not clear which parts of his upbringing they will tackle. They are set to shoot the episode in January, with a possible air date in March or April.

Jo’s Storyline Will Help The Show Tackle Domestic Violence

Meanwhile, Jo’s story will also continue after the midseason finale ended with the return of her ex-husband, Dr. Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison). While she was in the middle of trying to save a child, Stadler unexpectedly shows up and leaves Jo frozen and in shock to see the man who used to abuse her.

She had changed her entire identity to get away from Stadler, including changing her name from Brooke Stadler to Jo Wilson, but Stadler finds her and shows up at Grey Sloan to confront his ex, complete with a smug, creepy grin.

Co-showrunner Krista Vernoff has said that Stadler’s return will allow the show to face the topic of domestic violence head-on, but she will make sure there is laughter in every episode, even the ones with dark and painful topics.

“And my hope is that women will come out of this story feeling empowered. I’m really proud of this story. I’m really proud of the work that we’re doing,” Vernoff said.

Will Jackson And Maggie Really Get Together?

When it comes to the budding romance between Jackson and Maggie, James Pickens, Jr. (who plays Dr. Richard Webber) says that the story will take a “hard left turn” during the second part of season 14. Many fans are not on board with this possible relationship, considering the fact that they are kind of like brother and sister since their parents are married. Plus many fans are still holding out hope for Jackson and April.

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Finally, Meredith is now on her own after Dr. Riggs left to be with Dr. Megan Hunt, and the mother of three will now find herself alone for a while. Or will she? According to TVMovieFix, a new character will be coming to the show in the near future, and the original casting call was for a man in his mid-40’s who could be a possible love interest for Dr. Grey. But, they decided to change the character to female, but does that mean a romance is out of the question?

Grey’s Anatomy returns with, Four Seasons in One Day, January 18 on ABC.