Tiffany Trump Skin-Tight Style Steals First Daughter Spotlight From Ivanka Trump

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Ivanka Trump and Tiffany Trump turned the holiday season into the season for controversy, making history in a very different way. For decades, First Daughters and First Sons have had to learn to cope with the spotlight that suddenly shines brightly after their fathers move into the White House and become President. Some had to deal with mocking (remember Chelsea Clinton’s bout with braces?), while others broke the nation’s collective heart (who can forget little First Son JFK Jr., known as John John, after his father died much too young?). Now Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump are showing the world a unique view of what life is like in what the Washington Post termed the “Cult of The First Daughter.”

Ivanka Trump Took First Daughter Spotlight Initially — And Then Tiffany Trump’s Legs Took Center Stage

At first, it seemed that Ivanka was the obvious ideal First Daughter, even declaring that she would “be a daughter” after Donald Trump became President Trump. But when Ivanka moved into an office and was given a title, she clarified the reason.

“I’m holding myself to that highest ethical standard.”

However, her recent appearance on Instagram with another First Daughter, Tiffany Trump, has given new meaning to “ethical standard.” The Trump First Daughters distinguished themselves when it came to their choice of outfits for wishing the world “merry Christmas,” slipping into bikinis and setting social media on fire with their jaw-dropping racy fashion choices.

First Daughters Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump shared the spotlight in a bikini video.
First Daughters Tiffany Trump and Ivanka Trump shared the spotlight in a bikini video.Featured image credit: Jacquelyn MartinAP Images

Prior to Tiffany’s and Ivanka’s joint appearance, however, Tiffany took on the leading lady role by stealing even Donald Trump’s Christmas spotlight. Her long legs were front and center as she celebrated the holidays in short shorts, as the Inquisitr reported.

Tiffany Trump And Ivanka Trump Bikini Bodies Mocked By Social Media

In the wake of Ivanka’s comment about her “ethical standard,” some were shocked to discover that she had joined Tiffany in a classic bikini babe photo on Instagram. People magazine pointed out that the Trump sisters were mocked for the swimsuit video, which Tiffany shared on Instagram and Twitter.

“First daughters Tiffany and Ivanka Trump blew kisses to followers — but received mostly criticism in return. The two women wear swimsuits and sunglasses.”

Taken by the pool at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, the video included Tiffany and Ivanka blowing kisses, the use of an angel wing and halo filter, and the song “O Holy Night” playing. However well-intentioned those “Merry Christmas” wishes from Tiffany may have been, some on social media felt that it was “all too much to bear,” according to People.


Those criticizing the Trump sisters had feedback ranging from urging them to spend their time helping others, such as at a soup kitchen, to demanding that they wear clothes more appropriate for First Daughters. Some, however, enjoyed the sight of Ivanka and Tiffany baring their bikini bodies.

Tiffany Trump Goes Solo On Instagram In Tightest Style Yet

Tiffany didn’t share the spotlight on Instagram for long, however. Posting the link on Twitter and the photo on Instagram, Trump went from joining Ivanka in wishing everyone a merry Christmas to going solo in announcing her New Year wishes.

“Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful year to come!” Tiffany wrote.

Although Trump’s wish included peace and happiness, not all of her Instagram followers followed through when it came to their feedback about Tiffany’s skin-tight style.

Although some responded with praise such as “beautiful” and “gorgeous,” others felt that just as with that bikini, the skin-tight style was not appropriate for a First Daughter.

“Wtf is your problem? That dress is 10 sizes too small. Where is your modesty?”

Others questioned why Tiffany was spending her entire vacation relaxing rather than doing some sort of charity work. One critic used sarcasm to voice that view.

“Thank you. I wish I was there but stupid old homeless veterans need me to serve them at the shelter,” mocked the Instagram user.

While Tiffany continued to receive criticism on Instagram for her skin-tight frock, Ivanka headed back to Twitter to offer a different First Daughter wish for the New Year.


In contrast to Tiffany’s wish for a “happy, peaceful” New Year, Ivanka wished for more sleep. But even though she didn’t star in the photo that went with her Twitter wishes, Ivanka still got blasted by Twitter users.

“And quit government?” asked one Twitter follower in response to Ivanka’s resolution to sleep more.

And another had advice not just for the First Daughter but for the entire Trump family.

“Advice for all Trump’s: resign, sleep, golf, and pack your bag for prison,” wrote the Twitter user.