Now That Melania Trump ‘Ordered’ White House ‘Jackson Tree’ Axed, Will ‘Trump Tree’ Grow In Its Place?

Andrew HarnikAP Images

After reviewing reports, Melania Trump agreed with the experts that there was no way to save the magnificent magnolia tree that was planted by Andrew Jackson 200 years ago. It was the National Parks Service that ordered the tree to come down after experts offered no other options.

On Fox & Friends’ Wednesday morning show, the hosts expressed their amazement for the way the news of Melania Trump and this White House tree is being reported. It is painting a picture of Melania Trump and the White House tree that isn’t quite what happened. The Fox & Friends co-hosts suggest the reports make it sound as if Melania was walking around on the White House lawn “with a chainsaw” looking for trees to cut down.

The Fox & Friends hosts offered another scenario of this White House tree. They asked: What would the headlines note if Melania Trump worked to have the tree saved in its deteriorated condition and it fell on the reporters who stand under that tree while waiting for Trump to come in and out of the White House? That would be a scenario that is not only horrible, but fingers would point to Melania for the brunt of the blame.

In an attempt to see what could be done Melania looked over the reports of the Jackson Magnolia tree and found that there was no other choice when it comes to safety — the tree had to go, according to Elite Daily. Many headlines have Melania “ordering” and “demanding” the White House historic tree cut down, but that is not the case explains Fox & Friends.


What Melania Trump did initiate was the saving of the wood from that tree, a tree whose demise was on the drawing board for months and months before these recent reports surfaced. The preparation to cut this tree down started months ago when the White House groundskeepers cared for offshoots taken from this tree and have now grown eight to 10 feet tall.

The tree is scheduled to come down while the Trumps are in Florida for the holidays. The tree is now hollow with nothing left to support this piece of history on the White House lawn. They’ve done everything in the past to try and save it including cables and pouring cement into the hollow cavities of the tree.

The National Arboretum, which is the division that compiled a report on the Jackson Magnolia tree, stated their findings on the tree. From those reports, Melania Trump trusted that every effort had been made as an attempt to save the Magnolia tree, according to Metro. The area near the tree is where visitors and members of the press often stand and out of concern for their safety it was determined the tree had to go.


Now with the Magnolia tree’s seedlings growing by leaps and bounds, a plan to plant a new tree is set. Fox & Friends mentioned how this new tree will be planted during the Trump administration so they wondered if it will it be known as the Trump tree?

As far as Melania Trump “ordering” and “demanding” the White House tree come down, some social media users get the hype in the headlines and are speaking out against it. Trump supporters and non-supporters weigh in on the reports as seen below.

“Melania Trump orders removal of the near-200-year-old tree from the White House (Not a Trump supporter, but this headline is BS. The tree is dead, it needs to come down and history preserved by reusing the wood).”

“No big deal. Imagine for a moment the fake outrage From Fox News if Michelle Obama had asked for it to be removed! Conservatives would have had a field week with this.”

“A tree on the White House lawn has gotten so old that PROFESSIONALS have determined it’s time for it to come down.. look at the headline Newsweek chooses to go with.”