Kate Gosselin Slammed As Son Collin Is Absent From Family Christmas Photos

Kate Gosselin is coming under fire once again after her son Collin, who she revealed last year has been away from the family and spending some time in a special needs facility, was absent from her family Christmas photos this year.

The Kate Plus 8 star shared sweet photos of her kids opening their presents on Christmas morning on her Instagram page on December 26, though fans noticed that Collin was noticeably missing from the snaps the reality star shared after he was also absent from the most recent episodes of the family’s reality show, which aired back in July.

Though it’s not clear if Collin returned home for the holidays and just wasn’t present in the photos or if he remained at the special needs facility for the festive season this year, fans lashed out at Gosselin in the comments section of her photos for not addressing her son. Many assumed that he didn’t spend the big day with his mom, brothers, and sisters.

“Nothing makes one more angry than keeping him away from his family,” one fan commented on the recently uploaded photos, while another told the mom of eight, “I just don’t understand where [Collin] could possibly be where he can’t at least come home for Xmas?! Just makes no sense at all.”

Merry???? Christmas! A day full of great memories! #LoveMyKids❤️

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A slew of other users commented “Where’s Collin?” on the Christmas post, while a fourth hit back at the mom of twins and sextuplets, “Collin can’t even come home for Christmas? How SAD!!”

However, others took the opportunity to defend the Kate Plus 8 star after seeing her photos of her children Aaden, Joel, Hannah, Mady, Alexis, and Leah opening their presents, as some noted that Mady’s twin Cara also wasn’t featured in the snaps from Christmas morning Gosselin decided to share.

“It’s none of our business! She’s said what she feels comfortable saying and if she feels the need to say anything more she will on her own,” Instagram user @koollikeaid hit back in Kate’s defense at those speculating about Collin and his whereabouts. “If you are genuinely concerned you will stay out of their business and pray.”

Notably, the mom of eight did share some photos of her son in the lead up to Christmas this year, as she uploaded a number of throwback photos to her account from past holidays when her children were growing up.

Kate hasn’t confirmed if Collin did in fact return home for the holidays and just wasn’t featured in her uploads, though the latest controversy comes just months after Gosselin was slammed on social media after posting a photo of her five younger children trick or treating on Halloween without Collin.

The star shared a photo of five of her sextuplets dressed up in matching outfits for the occasion, though her son was nowhere to be seen alongside his siblings.

Collin was also absent from all but one episode of the latest season of Kate Plus 8 earlier this year, as Gosselin addressed his absence on the series after he didn’t return home for his birthday.

Kate appeared to become visibly emotional as her five youngest children celebrated turning 12-years-old without their brother in a birthday episode of the show, after which she confirmed that he was still away at a facility and getting the help he needs.

“This year [was] much like last year, obviously the difference is that Collin wasn’t there,” Gosselin said on the show as her children blew out the candles on their cakes, confirming that her son was receiving treatment for “special needs,” though she didn’t disclose exactly what those needs are.

“I am comforted with the fact that my kids, all of them, each unique child, is receiving exactly what they need and that hasn’t changed,” Kate then continued in the July episode of the long-running TLC reality show.