New Year Lucky Food 2018: 9 New Year's Eve Food To Feast On For Goodluck In The Coming Year

Time flies so fast, and before we know it, 2017 is ending already. It is hard to believe that it is almost 2018, and people definitely want the upcoming New Year's Day to be an awesome and lucky one.

The occasion is always marked as a new beginning, for it has always been considered as a time for renewed hope when people set fresh goals and look forward to better opportunities. For most cultures, celebrating the New Year right will help them have a prosperous brand new year, and the first thing they do to summon luck is by filling their tables with New Year lucky food!

Different cultures around the world believe that one of the secrets to a Happy New Year is choosing the right food for the celebration. Whether one is superstitious or not, trying these culinary beliefs will not hurt. Besides, anyone can also get a good meal out of the New Year lucky food.

Eat these good fortune fare and be merry throughout the year. Get that spoonful of good luck with these 2018 lucky foods.


Prepare 12 grapes, and they should be eaten at the stroke of midnight, one for each chime of the clock during the countdown. According to, the grapes are believed to be fortune predictor for the year ahead. Each fruit represents the months of the year, so it means that the first grape represents January, the second February, and so on.

Eating a sweet grape means that the corresponding month would be a lucky time, while sour grape predicts that the month would be a challenging time in 2018. This tradition was said to have started in 1909 when grape growers looked for a way to use leftover grapes.

Red and green grapes in a basket.

Round fruits

Round fruits are said to represent coins, and they bring in good fortune for the New Year. Mandarin oranges are the usual pick, especially by Asians, because the fruit has a golden color that symbolizes the abundance of wealth and good luck. Some cultures, such as those in Vietnam, prefer watermelon since red is also a lucky color.


Serving and eating beans on New Year's Eve will bring good luck. It is believed that since beans swell when they are cooked, prosperity will come in the new year. According to NDTV, black-eyed peas are the most commonly eaten beans on New Year's Day. Green lentils are another popular bean because they are round and its green color represents money.


Cabbage, spinach, and kale are the best choice for the New Year feast because they look like the color of paper money. In the U.S., most citizens prefer collards.


Another New Year lucky food is pork. This type of meat is preferred over beef or chicken as pigs dig with their snout in a forward movement. Chickens scratch backward, while cows usually stay in the same place, and no one wants their luck to go backward or stand still, right?

Additionally, pork is rich in fat, which symbolizes prosperity. Having ham for the New Year feast is a good idea indeed.


Since starch represents abundance, having rice, barley, quinoa, and other starches are must-haves on the table for the New Year celebration. These grains get bigger when cooked, and that explains their connection to the abundance of wealth.


Fishes swim forward and have shiny scales that are believed to signify the precious metal silver, which equals to coins and prosperity. Fish can also be categorized as a New Year lucky food for abundance since it lays lots of eggs in just one birth time.


Noodles are known symbols of longevity, so it is a good addition to the New Year's menu. They are eaten on New Year's Eve, and people think that eating longer noodles means the longer life they will have.

Cakes and other round foods

According to Reader's Digest, round or ring-shaped cakes will give a good year. Such New Year lucky food means the year coming "full circle," a time when people can experience the same luck they have been having since the beginning. Pizzas, donuts, and cookies are also good options as good luck food for 2018.