‘Madam Secretary’ Cancellation Odds: CBS Drama Hailed As Lowest Rated Scripted Series

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Madam Secretary is a scripted drama on CBS that seemed to have a lot of potential when it first aired in 2014. While the series has received a lot of support from a handful of avid viewers and followers, the show does not seem to be doing so well in terms of ratings. What are the odds that the Téa Leoni-led show will be renewed or canceled after Season 4?

Madam Secretary Season 4 has been hailed as the lowest rated scripted drama on CBS in a recent report on TV Line. According to the publication, the show received a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is 23.76 percent lower than the previous season’s overall ratings of 0.88.

The publication notes, however, that Madam Secretary Season 4 is still faring a bit better in ratings compared to another CBS drama, Elementary. This means that there is still a possibility that the network might save the former and renew it for another season, but the same might be quite difficult to say for the latter series.

Many fans expressed their hopes to see Madam Secretary Season 4 score another renewal on CBS. After all, the show is still on its midseason and there are still a lot of avenues to explore in the show.

For instance, executive producer Barbara Hall told Entertainment Weekly in an earlier interview that they are considering the possibility of seeing Elizabeth McCord run for president. This possibility was teased in an earlier episode of Madam Secretary, which saw several characters urge Elizabeth to take on a much higher position in the upcoming elections.

Hall teased that viewers will find out whether or not Elizabeth will run for president by the end of Madam Secretary Season 4. This opens up a door of potential storylines for the show, as Hall explained that viewers will see how Elizabeth’s decision will affect her relationship with Vice-President Teresa Hurst.

The show’s executive producer shared that while this might be a drastic change given the title of the show, Madam Secretary has to evolve if it wants to stay long enough and keep its viewers hooked. As to whether or not this change would be enough to score a renewal for another season lies in the hands of viewers and, ultimately, of CBS.