OS X Mountain Lion Now Controls 32% Of Apple’s Web Traffic

OS X Mountain Lion

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion now accounts for 32 percent of all web traffic for the company’s various OS versions according to a study by OS tracking and web metrics firm Net Applications.

The increase in OS X Mountain Lion is an improvement over November numbers when it trailed OS X Lion with 29 percent web traffic compared to 30 percent for Lion.

According to the survey numbers remained relatively flat between November and December with less than a single percentage point changed, suggesting that Mountain Lion upgrading customers are arriving from their former OS X Lion installation.

Still bringing in plenty of web traffic for Apple is OS X Snow Leopard which trailed OS X Mountain Lion with 29 percent of Mac-based web traffic.

While Snow Leopard still controls a decent amount of Mac web traffic the OS X Mountain Lion install is quickly proving to be the fastest adapted OS in Apple history.

The new OS has been helped along by the Apple App Store which allows for quick OS upgrade capabilities with very little effort on behalf of Apple users. According to Net Applications Lion took until May 2012 to overcome Snow Leopard web traffic. Based on the firms numbers the new OS took only 10 months to become the dominate Apple OS.

Adoption has never been more important for OS manufacturers, the more people who adopt to new technologies the faster a company can roll out better equipped applications for the new operating systems. As OS X Mountain Lion continues to speed towards a 50 percent adoption rate Apple continues to reap the benefits of a stronger, more reliable app-centric eco-system.